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    Hi-Metal R

    a word of caution about pre ordering from amazon. if you do, I recommend having a back up pre order somewhere else if you really care about the item. They canceled some of my pre orders in the past that were by then sold out. (import stuff) I then ended up having to pay scalper prices for the items. its great if your gonna use points and stuff, just beware and CYA
  2. What surprised me about this release HMR vf-0 is that, usually, we have no problem pre ordering this line from overseas. This time , sold out immediately. This pretty much feels exactly like pre order madness. now instead of paying ridiculous prices to resellers in japan, we have to pay ridiculous prices to national distributors. what's the damn difference? either way, I am tapping out. prices of everything are just stupid, and spending this kind of money on toys is gettign to be stressful rather than fun.
  3. yeah, that's the one. But really, this bot looks good in almost all schemes except for that weird green yellow combination........ i really do hope they do the repaint and milk the mold, i would buy them/. Its really refreshing to see something that hasn't been done before. milk away
  4. Lol, i'll take any of the colors listed abode except the green and yellow one....
  5. I don't like those colors, but I have been waiting for this for along time, ever since studio half eye did theirs. I want the studio half eye colors, they are so much better. these colors make it look like a toy instead of a military plane. Maybe if Arcadia tones down the green and yellow it will look better, but at least I know the engineering will be arcadia standard, which is phenomenal
  6. In great condition. No Box, No Instructions Missing a small flap on the leg. Gun pod is missing the front part $180 shipped within the US. Shipping to other places mo expensive. PP fees not included.
  7. They couldn't have chose a nastier pink for the pilot figure. Man, if they do anything close to that pink for the bike figure, I'm gonna have to think hard weather I wanted or not. Its red dammit.
  8. prices include shipping and fees within the US -----Macross frontier mecha, ichiban Kuji Banpresto, vf-25 set of 5 set of 5 figures. no package but in great condition--130 for the 5 or make individual offers.
  9. Thanks for the info!
  10. can you order from tamashii nations form the US?
  11. hahah, I am out of the loop, didn't even know there was a search feature. Thanks!
  12. whats the info on the gbps?? when do they go up for PO madness?
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