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  1. Heads up. Macross kits are starting to make their way to North American distributors. I was in Hobbytown USA here in the metro Atlanta, GA area yesterday and an Aoshima VF-25 VFG kit was right there on the shelf. The guy says he's not seen any Hasegawa stuff listed with his distributors yet, but its only a matter of time.
  2. ....as long as they get their cut you mean. They are still going to aggressively block anything even with a whiff of macross in it to protect their rights that tatsunoko granted them.
  3. Let's be real - Tatsunoko doesn't care about north american Macross fans - if they did, they'd be doing this themselves. I think they see Macross as a niche western fandom interest, and coupled that with HG's established "development" of this market and the deal with Sony Pictures, they felt like more money could be made this way instead of starting over from square 1 for them. And that's all they care about is the bottom line, as they should. It sucks for fans because the licensee they picked are such ***birds to most of the fans but that's just how it is. Ive never bought any Robotech stuff and don't plan to, as its all substandard garbage up to this point anyways and I'll just keep importing and so should the rest of you. I wouldn't get too mad about this news honestly. I think we've all just had 30 years of hate built up against this company that we wanted to see them lose more than we actually wanted to see "actual" macross stuff with a domestic release.
  4. It's official. HG now has the rights for, well, basically forever. 2054. I dont really care anymore, i can buy kits and toys without having to worry about HG and if im honest, i havent enjoyed any macross since Zero. Doesn't affect me. I only wanted to see HG take an L.
  5. Rats. I have 4 of those stands on order ( I should have ordered more!) and need them desperately.
  6. Cowboy17

    Hi-Metal R

    re: the tamashii act 5 stand discussion from a few days back, i just want to add that the extension tubes for them are useless for valkyries in fighter mode. it doesnt balance well and it puts tons of stress on the extension tube coupling, and they do crack and loosen after a while which could result in a nasty shelf dive. those tubes are more for displaying hi metal/Robot damashi in robot modes where things are better balanced out.
  7. Been thinking of ordering one myself, but it sounds like these should be left in fighter mode forever
  8. I hope they fixed the magically snaptastic legs
  9. Cowboy17

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Ended up cancelling my pre-order at HLJ. Decided I didn't like the SPACEY and NETFC printing on the wings.
  10. As long as they fix the god-awful wing hinges of the yamato version it's worth it.
  11. Cowboy17

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    last week i got the email about the metal build strike and went ahead and cancelled it manually myself, then i got HLJ's email this morning with the discount code and my yf-19 order is still there, so i guess i got 10% just for ordering the strike and then cancelling it 2 days later.
  12. Cowboy17

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    The main thing they can do is keep the damn wings from drooping
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