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Whats next for Arcadia?


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Hmm...with a guy figure that could be Basara, a  general red/brownish hue.....so it must be










Arcadia 1/60 VF-19C Basara custom PREMIUM FINISH !!!!!

Seriously in my opinion, it's the most logical and predictable yet disappointing prediction......

Arcadia, instead if listen to my songs, maybe try listen to your fans!!


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Hmm i admit i am a lil addicted to 'NEW' valk toy reveals, even though i know it would might take a yr and a half to launch the darn thing. (if launch of the RA is anything to go by)

...cant wait till this sunday, which i hope there would be some word it...

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1 hour ago, Tober said:

The Lancer ii kit has been in the works for five years now. That teaser says T-REX, where as Yamato were working with M.E.F. on the Lancer II.

It does say M.E.F. based on the photo posted in last year's Wonderfest posted by wmkjr.



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13 minutes ago, seti88 said:

lol very creative... though i thk some might lose their minds if it really turns out to be SDF related...

The SDF-1 commander bridge in 1:60 scale! I say that because I have been wondering about making the Macross Frontier bridge for some time now.

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I don't think Arcadia would collaborate with T-REX unless it was a transformable toy. A SV-51 v2 seems most likely to me, even though I don't particularly want one.


Kids Logic were in with Harmony Gold on the 1/6 Cockpit... Which makes me despondent enough.

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My Ivanov is still holding up fine, somewhat floppy ball joints notwithstanding, but if they made a new version with ratcheting hips and improved shoulders, I'd be in for one, perhaps Nora's just for a color change on the shelf.

You guys have some good imaginations, or good pixelation discerning skills, 'cause all I see is a polychromatic blob in that pixelated teaser.

I'm not at all a fan of the VA-3 ( aesthetically, I think it's Kawamori's fugliest design), but it would be great to see something new come from Arcadia instead of VF-1 reissues. That said, I'd be down for either a VE-1 or a VT-1, preferably the VE. Personally, I think Arcadia ought to stick with transforming toys- the non-transforming destroids just seem a step backward  compared to transforming designs. They've never interested me, but I know some folks love 'em.

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There are enough really rare Yamatos that I wouldn't mind seeing any number of things re-released, especially the VF-11s, VT-1/VE-1, VF-1D, or M&Ms.

As much as I love the Sv-51 though, I'd put that in the same category as the VF-0.  Sure, it's nice seeing the design refreshed, and maybe I'll buy one if it's a new color, but like the VF-0s, there was nothing really wrong with the originals.  They're a little floppy, but nothing nearly as bad as the early structural problems with the VF-0.  Sure they're outdated, but the thought of how much a new version of something that big would cost makes me think I'll stick to my originals.

I'd much rather see something entirely new than a rehash of something I still own a bunch of. :huh:

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10 hours ago, seti88 said:

I thk the best company to tackle a commander bridge would be kidslogic...... after they release the montrous VF-1 cockpit speakers...
They would know to light it the best...

'Best' if you're willing to pay $8Grand+ for it... *mutters about ridiculous/out-of-reach price of VF-1 speaker*

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