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  1. Can't say I am that excited about this. Unless it's weathered version, I'll probably pass....
  2. No alarms clocks, no F5 madness, no 3 seconds (or half an hour) check out window, no crashed server, no agony from being cartjacked, no scalper price.......and on and on... Wow! I can't believe this, someone pinch me! This IS the way Macross PO should be!!
  3. so which site besides p-bandai has the armored parts up? can't find it anywhere....
  4. yman1437

    Macross figures

    second that a million times!!
  5. any retailers carrying the PF? only see nin-nin, and they want USD$459
  6. back to sleep....let me know when the PF is available to order....
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