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  1. Can't say I am that excited about this. Unless it's weathered version, I'll probably pass....
  2. one more, and perhaps the last update. No happy ending after all. CC said time limite expired. No refund.
  3. It's just unfortunate that there are people out there doing these SHAMEFUL things on our great site. Here is the sellers' predicament, we are PRIVATE sellers (not corporates) trading our own PRIVATE collection, but now that's being reported. Still, as a seller, I want to protect my buyers too. Are there other ways to protect our accounts (and thus reputation)? 2-step verification? I don't know what's the cost would be doing such things. @Shawn probably knows more. SSL is helpful, but it 's not fail-safe.
  4. hmm...I REALLY hope no one got scammed here! Anyone got the contact info for the imposter? email, paypal name...etc?
  5. After all the turmoil, I just want to share with you my joy that I got a refund from my cc company!! I feel so relieved! 😀 In case you wonder what cc it is, you should check what's in your wallet 😉
  6. Before it's a customer service issue when delaying shipment of products........now running away with people's hard earmed $$ is a CRIME!
  7. so what are our recourses now?? I have multiple DX fast packs they never ship! And they're paid sometime Jun of 2020.....I don't know Japanese laws, but maybe some friends in Japan can shed some light on what actions we can pursue? I am sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of people being scammed here !!
  8. No alarms clocks, no F5 madness, no 3 seconds (or half an hour) check out window, no crashed server, no agony from being cartjacked, no scalper price.......and on and on... Wow! I can't believe this, someone pinch me! This IS the way Macross PO should be!!
  9. wow! I got an order in too! I can't believe it! I checked my order history. My last order with them was VF-1S Hikaru DX back in November 2019!!
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