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  1. New scan of Updated VF-31E with "Superish-Heavyish" Pack
  2. There is a new teal VF-31 too with dorsal paint! Shoulder number: 06
  3. This.is.amazing. Please contact with third party Chinese manufacturers and make this happen!
  4. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    Awesome new images for VF-2SS SAP! http://tamashii.jp/item/12210/ http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_01.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_03.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_04.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_05.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_06.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_07.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_08.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_09.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_10.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_11.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_12.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_13.jpg http://tamashii.jp/images/item/item_0000012210_Zo0m7cpS_14.jpg
  5. I also can't wait to get mine Will share detailed photos! And maybe some outdoor fun photos with YF-21
  6. Jason your explanation post is great! Thank you very much for your efforts!
  7. How is it going Jason? As far as I remember, I have two painted ones.
  8. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    RD Patlabors are 12.8cm in height, in anime AV-98 is 8.02m tall which makes RD 1/62... Close enough
  9. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    RD Patlabors are 1/60ish, so you need a Tiny City Diorama (1/64) to fit in... Tiny 1/64 city sets are very hard to find unfortunately.
  10. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    Messer Color Scheme: It's when you "Mess up" with a franchise, you end up with a Messer Scheme...
  11. Cart jacked at NY, trying to add the discount code was a bad idea
  12. Lill Draken and Missile Pack Set at NY are available for PO! GO GO GO! https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/20426-macross-delta-lill-draken-missile-pod-for-dx-chogokin-sv-262hs-draken-iii-keith-aero-windermere-custom-limited-edition.html
  13. Still no news from NY, dude!... They drop the ball this time...
  14. Anyone still waiting for NY to ship (like me) ?
  15. Keep in mind, Arcadia show their prototypes first and prototypes are usually grey (like most of the toy prototypes). So finished product's color might be different.
  16. charger69

    Macross figures

    Pre-ordered at NY! It was my first human figure long after Figma Motoko! Don't forget NY: https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/20016-shfiguarts-mikumo-guynemer.html https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/20015-shfiguarts-freyja-wion.html
  17. I'm 33... Looks like I still have a long way to the enlightenment
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