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  1. Why you are sharing your photos in such a small resolution, why??!!
  2. Saburo! The official provider of Macross Mobile Phone Wallpapers!
  3. Oh! Now I better understand instant out-of-stock items on pre-order dates...
  4. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    No, you don't.....
  5. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    Pre-ordered one set!
  6. Good for you Don't forget to post pictures of them here in all modes
  7. Some people are ordering through a custom software (botlike) over NY I think, otherwise it is impossible to understand how to stuck at cart.
  8. A big WTF! How on Earth it is possible? Pre-order cancellation mail received...
  9. Place holder I guess...
  10. I bet the next one is SHF Pikachu reissue
  11. Sigh... They continue with Joker... Jeez......
  12. AE sold out... That was amazing
  13. Anyone knows if CDJAPAN writes down the actual price on the box?
  14. I think IXTL have some SQL knowledge
  15. This topic is again full of scalpers...
  16. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    Movie version retracts only to fit in fighter mode.
  17. 30.09! Draw your swords already!
  18. Spamming with tons of pictures encouraged!
  19. charger69

    Macross figures

    Figuarts Zero or articulated?
  20. DX Gerwalk mode detected!
  21. Oh! I like Kawamori sketches!
  22. I need a Bandai DX VF-22 Advance in my life!
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