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  1. +1 Also... Here is a new video about 3D printing airplane kits. This may contain some good hints...
  2. Japan unveils first stealth fighter jet: X-2 Guess what's in common with YF-21!! Source: http://news.yahoo.com/japan-unveils-first-stealth-fighter-jet-004353609.html#
  3. I had one of these transformable pencil case in elementary school and it was awesome!!
  4. Evolution Toys VF-2SS We have the technology! We can fix it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoLs0V8T5AA
  5. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    Yes, but they are good.
  6. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    Got one from AE! I was super late to party this time!
  7. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    AE and NIPPON GLAUG!!!
  8. Here is a larger image to comtemplate the VF-31 color schemes
  9. So I'm waiting for my OS but my 0A and 0D are still in the box. Can we list all the observed problems on Arcadia's VF-0 line? I start with: 1) 0A's heat shield's pin damaging cockpit area in battroid mode. Any more to add?
  10. Also Area 1089 for Aerial Knights' attacking place to Al Shahal forces. I believe its a reference to Comiket 89...
  11. I have a Juniper VPN for work, can I use it for this? Please enlighten me!
  12. Where is the VF-1A Angel Bird "School Girl" art when I need it the most?
  13. Autumn 2016! Wallet cries of joy!
  14. New pics! I bet head is hidden in undersection of the nose just like Fz-109A
  15. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    My bet is 22,000Yen
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