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  1. Count me in! Let's talk about payment in PM on Monday
  2. Bro, am I late for a painted one? Landing gears and everything?
  3. Anubis Head! Yes, add one more like!
  4. I've watched the episode again; only 2 Sv-262s have jammer drones (4 drones total) (Twin brothers' Sv-262s) You can check their atmospheric entry scene. Others have standart drones.
  5. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    Available at AE with other Gundam stuff...
  6. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    Jeez... Missed at NY, waiting for AE...
  7. Sv-262 Draken III's drone units are called "Lil Draken." Which is the name of the real life J35 Draken's prototype, the Saab 210 Flying Test Bed . Thanks to Veef and Gywn!
  8. I saw something like this today on Facebook... May help the VF-171 hip problem?? Can't read Chinese...
  9. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    Available at AE Cheapest available! $202
  10. charger69

    Hi-Metal R

    It's time to listen again this!!
  11. Well... Not exactly Macross but Shoji for sure!! 2016 Kawasaki ZX-11R VS. 2012 Aquarion EVOL
  12. Fabolous!
  13. If they tried to rotate the shoulder 90 degrees at fighter mode, we would have a million times slimmer fighter mode!!
  14. I would be happy if our 3D printing gurus start a new project: "SAVE VF-2SS" "Let's rebuild it!" (Especially shoulder and groin area mechanism)
  15. It will work great as a Bandai DX diorama with VF-25F in gerwalk mode!
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