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  1. Everyone These are priced very good, who ever pays first gets it.
  2. I have the chrome version stand and either the navy blue or grey stand.
  3. Hi Everyone: The following are up for sale after my move. All prices include shipping and I can only ship to the continental US. I’ve sold on here before and my collection is safe and well stored. **Sold** DX VF-1A Kakizaki $275.00 Opened, never transformed or displayed. Stored before my move and is now up for sale. DX VF-1A Max $275.00 Opened, never transformed or displayed. Stored before my move and is now up for sale. I applied an ejection decal to the fuselage. It’s a straight and clean application, photos attached. **Sold ** DX YF-19 $300.00 I bought this from a member on here about a year ago who only opened it and it has been stored until now. Never Transformed, still in the original configuration in fighter mode that Bandai placed it in. All accessories are present. **SOLD** Kids Logic VF-1S Head $250.00 This is awesome. Placed it in my detolf for the first time After I moved in June. Stored back in the box in August. All LED’s are active and it’s a great piece. I’ll go down and get the photos for it later today. HMR VF-1A Hikaru DYRL version with super parts. Sealed: $125.00 HMR VF-4G $150.00 Never transformed, wouldn’t attempt it. Starting to realize I bought this stuff and never got to display most of it. **Sold** HMR Glaug $150 Box is dented from Nippon Yasan. Item is fine, never displayed and both replacement antennas are present. Queadluun Rhea Set $150.00 Red Version and both Grey’s, one grey is sealed. The Red and the other Grey are in great condition and have remained in their boxes. Greg versions also still have the brown Tamashii shipper box. **Sold**Metal Build Sinanju Honglajio 1:00 $250.00 Still in Box, this is the later release where the components have their own clamshell. I provided stock photos also so you can see it since it’s still in the clamshell. This is a great release.
  4. I’m planning on watching Stardust Memory when I land back home Thursday.
  5. Opened for Inspection, never transformed SOLD can only ship to the Continental US
  6. DX VF-1S Roy, DX VF-1J Hikaru, DX VF-1A Max added.
  7. The Monster has just been added. The HMR VF-1’s have been sold. DX VF-1’s available.
  8. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    I think HMR and the 1/72 vf-1 models were basically released to fund research and design of the DX VF-1. The extra extension at the intakes is from the model and there are many elements of HMR in the transformation of the DX. HMR would cut into sales of more premium pricing on the DX. It’s a damn shame, but I think when we saw the paint scheme change on the VF-4, we also saw the death of HMR. it’s obviously just an opinion, but ever since the DX line started rolling, HMR started dying.
  9. If you have 4 detolfs, Lay a fifth detolf horizontally across the top, it should line up perfect. You just have to use some type of adhesive or attachment to keep the glass shelves from falling since they will be vertical. And you would want to mount it so the door opens up and not down.
  10. I can only ship to the Continental US. Roy DX VF-1S x1 $350 each Shipped Opened for inspection only, never transformed. Hikaru VF-1J SOLD Opened to inspect and applied Ejection Seat Warning water slide to fuselage. Detailed in Photo. Never Transformed. Does not have the clear soft plastic sleeve that fits over the box. Max VF-1A Sealed SOLD HW-00-MKII Monster- SOLD
  11. Canned air is what I use. I also use it on parts, just before painting to remove dust
  12. I have a winner. Macross music is listed and was present on a tape recorder buried down in a hole at a remote area where human bones were found. A trend of missing people has continued at this location in Japan. A very creepy true story. The mention of the Macross music is at 4:20 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=snWvNkJCCs8
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