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Tekering you have a photo for every occasion B))


Is this a tv series or a one off? epic match-ups...if it’s a series my additions would be  ....

testorossa or Daytona 



Or the 308


or cayote X 



or cursor’s countach :p


put me right into a 80s TV car nostalgia trip...

* And face’s corvette too!



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4 hours ago, jvmacross said:

Mad Max was originally released in Australia in 1979...but it was released in the US in 1980...so that counts! :good:

With that said....the battle is over! 8)


If I had the money it be in my garage! 

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9 hours ago, David Hingtgen said:

I was expecting more like Countach vs Testarossa, but I'll take it.  However--most of those aren't "cars".   It really needs to be like KITT vs General Lee vs Ecto-1 vs Doc's Delorean...

I'm actually extremely disappointed and disinterested because it isn't just a show comparing vintage sports cars.

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In this two-hour special, “Knight Rider” star David Hasselhoff sets out to prove how the iconic 80’s KITT car inspired and revolutionized the car industry for years to come. From one of the fastest vehicles on the planet, to an amphibious sports car, Hasselhoff will pull back the curtain, meet the mavericks, and get behind the wheel of some of the wildest cars out there. The special will culminate with iconic vehicles and their drivers lining up for a one-of-a-kind race with Hasselhoff in the KITT car, Dirk Benedict in the A Team Squad Van from “The A-Team,” and Erik Estrada in the motorcycle from the police drama television series “ChiPs.”

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As a kid Knight Rider was one of my all time favorite shows. Everything about it just ooozed cool!  KITT, The Hoff in that black jacket, the drive in 18 wheeler, the HOOOT girl who worked on KITT -- Bonnie???.. and then the one's with Garth and GOLIATH, and KARR.  Just such epic 80's television.  I'd almost forgotten about "Super Pursuit Mode"!  Good stuff! 


Was it every discussed what KITT was "supposed" to have as engine or was it just left up to our imaginations?  

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On 6/30/2019 at 12:11 PM, Valkyrie Hunter D said:

My favorite Charlie Sheen movie (aside from Hot Shots):


YESS! I love the Wraith too!


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21 hours ago, DewPoint said:

Did they say if these cars will have stock engines?  Or will it be whatever was known to have been in the cars/vans/motorcycles used in filming the shows.

IIRC, KITT (season 1 at least) wasn't even the turbo version, just the base V8 most Trans Ams had. 

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6 hours ago, Knight26 said:

Given the lack of actual 80s Supercars, from TV or otherwise, this looks like nothing more than an excuse of the Hoff to try and keep relevant.


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