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  1. "Skyborg"? So does it broadcast "Resistance is Futile" before engaging targets? Edit: and yes, that design does look a bit old-school.
  2. According to a recent video I saw on the making of “Crisis”, a lot of the music is... ahem... “inspired” by other tracks...
  3. They're gonna need extras, right? Extras who know how to scream properly when being vapourised by a beam sabre? Just... asking. For a friend.
  4. ...and which us in the UK absolutely need, otherwise we’ve just spent a lot of billions of pounds on two very big helicopter transporters.
  5. I suspect its a bit optimistic to think that you could get "four or five" of these for the cost of one F-35. The Hawker Hurricane was less "advanced" than the Supermarine Spitfire, but there were still only around twice as many of them available to the RAF during the Battle of Britain [1], and that was using 1940s aviation know-how, which as we all know was infinitely cheaper, better and still should be the way aircraft should be developed today rather than all these modern doo-hickeys. [2] [1] And an argument has been made that if the Spitfire hadn't suffered its infamous development pr
  6. I think its worth pointing out that this "F-36" is not an actual USAF proposal, or an industry concept - its basically an aviation magazines imagination, a few steps up from doodling the F/A-9999XZ+ AwesomeMcCoolPlane on your school exercise book.
  7. I remember all the concept designs for the ATF programme, almost none of which looked like the two eventual finalists. Same thing happened with the JTF programme.
  8. "...alternative aviation magazine Hush-Kit"...?
  9. Done, though it won't show up in your reply. And thanks, I was expecting to be dragged off stage by the Macross World crook... It would certainly open up possibilities not only for exploration but also potentially resupply of Martian land missions...
  10. One of the things they're going to do on this mission is test fly a drone helicopter. If it succeeds, you could say it will have been the result of a collective effort. Thank you, folks, I'm here all week!
  11. There was at least one bird in the background of the P-40 pass and what may have been a duck on the water in the Spitfire pass, so if they did clear them out, they didn't get all of them!
  12. I also mainly knew her from Babylon 5, and I can't put it better than io9 did - she was the soul of that series. Farewell, Ambassador.
  13. I can't think of any ways the TV world has changed since "Who" was bought back at all. I mean, I'm a huge fan but even I didn't watch the New Years Special on its broadcast date.
  14. Wasn't the original F-22 supposed to have some sort of lateral radar array or something? Perhaps "souped up" was the wrong phrase, maybe Su-27 ver 2.0 is more what I was trying to get at.
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