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  1. Fourteen: https://gizmodo.com/doctor-who-14th-doctor-ncuti-gatwa-1848896896 Some articles have shots of him with a 'tache, which would be an interesting look. Turn-Doctor Turn, Turn-Doctor Turn, TURN-DOCTOOOORRRRR!!
  2. I sent this to a non-anime watching friend of mine and they asked if “20AU” was some kind of typo… 😄
  3. For those of us on my side of the gaming pond, its been a celebratory month; that humble rubble-keyed wonder, the colour-clashing 8-bit icon, Uncle Clives most successful child, the working persons micro - the ZX Spectrum is 40 years old!
  4. Just to put an end to any future speculation, following recent events, the An-225 is definitely gone.
  5. At the time, electromagnetic catapaults were still a bit... that'll be nice. Someday. And it wasn't just the means of getting the aircraft off the carrier, it was the aircraft itself, the choice of which also included a proposed naval Typhoon... Today has been a good day for military aviation history buffs to have some fun:
  6. I can't criticise too much, my government delayed an aircraft carrier because it couldn't decide if it should have catapaults or not... 🙂
  7. I try. 😃 Though having been there, quite why Canada needs an air force in the first place baffles me, I've seen the mosquitoes in action... (er, the insects, not the Wooden Wonder), 😄
  8. So, after a good degree of... um... thinking, Canada has decided on the F-35 as its CF-18 replacement. I presume they will be getting the F-35EH variant. 😉
  9. Oh, good grief, I had the original UK DVD release of that by... Kiseki? It was... lets just say, standards have improved. 😄 Article about the connection between "A-Ko" and another fan favourite from back in the day: https://www.zimmerit.moe/project-ako-urusei-yatsura-connection/ I got the "A-Ko" Blu-Ray the other day, its excellent. Haven't had time to go through the extras yet though.
  10. Thats really nice! So... when are you doing a Typhoon...? 😉
  11. Now Lego are doing "Star Wars" dioramas, I wonder if "Cloud City Dinner Invite" will be on the list of future products?
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