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  1. That voice. (this will make more sense after you've seen the latest episode). Also, Fifteen utters one of the most chilling lines I think I've ever heard a Doctor say, props again to Ncuti Gatwa for the delivery. There will be a new "Tales of the TARDIS", at least via the BBC media sources, on the 20th June. SPEC-U-LATE!
  2. Just to be clear, this weeks episode is not an episode of "Black Mirror". You might be forgiven for thinking so. πŸ˜„Also, if anyone needs the concept of "Timmy Mallet" explained to them please let one of us Brits (of certain vintages) know... 😁
  3. Some general impressions of the new season: excepting "Space Babies" (which some people seem to like... ) I'd say its been a solid run of episodes. If I had some niggles, its that the last three episodes all felt like they needed just a little more time to wrap up properly. The other odd thing is that we still haven't actually seen a lot of the new Doctor yet; what we have seen hints at a lot of potential, but the last two episodes feel like they lent on the companion a bit (to be fair, in the case of "73 Yards", this was because Ncuti Gatwa still had other commitments at the time and could only appear briefly; on the other hand as it was largely a standalone episode it feels like it could have been pushed further back into the run). And no, I won't be the first to point out that the current season is leaning quite heavily on the door marked "fantasy". Maybe this is the series where we finally find out how the Doctor becomes Merlin... πŸ˜‰
  4. I think a good tribute you can give him is that, while you may not always have enjoyed his movies, almost everyone whose movies you did worked for him at some point or another,
  5. Little bit of a follow up: I may have got a bit confused about a certain famous UK business personality appearing in "Action Force"; the story in question may have been in the UK "Transformers" comics. However, the events that led up to that story were part of a previous "Action Force/Transformers" crossover; I think installments may have been published in each comic at the time. Whilst revisiting "Action Force" to check, I was reminded of some of the artists that worked on it - Geoff Senior is probably the most well known internationally, but there was also Robin Smith (a "2000AD" artist, not to be confused with the Galaxys Greatest Comics other Smith-droid, Ron Smith) and the sadly often overlooked Jerry Paris; an artist probably best known in the UK for his video game magazine covers and art, but who also produced comic strips for a couple of them as well. He had a fantastically chunky "mecha" style that I've often wondered may have been manga or anime inspired. Something else that was dredged up from memory is that almost forgotten in the "Action Force/G.I. Joe" comics history is that "Action Force" had a precursor series of comic adventures; the long-running UK war comic "Battle" (later "Battle/Action Force") ran a series based on the original Palitoy line and which featured some interesting variations on the lore, especially as the "G.I. Joe" line developed more influence over time; did you know for example that the COBRA F.A.N.G. helicopters were developed from S.A.S. H.A.W.K. helicopters? (according to "Battle/Action Force" at any rate!). When "Action Force" became its own thing, comics wise, "Battle" implemented a suspiciously similar substitute, "Storm Force", with a hero with an interchangeable weapons arm who led a paramilitary organisation who flew across the world in a weaponised Concorde...!
  6. The company that produced "Action Force", Palitoy, had a long history of doing just that. The 12" "G.I. Joe" figures had a longer life in the UK under the "Action Man" brand (and also partly, I suspect, because World War II history here is kind of like of trying to avoid footbal... excuse me, soccer here; no matter how much you may not like it, its inescapable pretty much all year round). "Action Force" was a spin off into the popular "Star Wars" smaller figure format (which Palitoy also adapted for the UK market, the two most famous examples probably being their version of the X-Wing and the Death Star), and then they started more directly bringing over Hasbro figures though with some changes (it seems to be generally regarded that the "Action Force" APC is a better toy than the "G.I. Joe" original). For further coverage of Palitoy , the "Analog Toys" YouTube channel has plenty of videos covering them.
  7. I realise I'm a touch biased, but it does sometimes feel like the European "G.I. Joe" comics - branded "Action Force" to start with, as the toyline was initially released under that title for some time here before the branding was unified - gets a little overlooked in discussions of the comics (the UK "Transformers" stories seem to be better known). I know they were released as the "European Missions" or something at least once. It'd probably be a complicated rights issue, but don't you want to see the time G.I. Jo... I mean, Action Force had to deal with Richard Branson dredging up Megatron from the Thames again? πŸ˜„
  8. When a Black Hawk loves an Apache very much...
  9. After that trailer... this could be something S.P.E.C.I.A.L... πŸ˜‰
  10. I've never owned a Metal Build, but assuming thats the packaging material around it, it could be a shorter "shipping" antenna just to keep the slot filled but without the risk of the long antenna breaking whilst its in the box?
  11. I mean, it has "B" at best written all over it, but Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis? Boy, I hope they keep the thing with the chairs. πŸ˜„
  12. I suspect its probably because of the use of common "sound libraries", pre-recorded clips that could be used to avoid having to go out and, say, strike a microphone against a power pylon every time (at least part of the where the sound of the AT-ATs in "Star Wars" comes from). Theres an episode of, IIRC, 80s anime rom-com classic "Kimagure Orange Road" [1] where the TARDIS of all things can be heard briefly. [1] I may be remembering the series wrong, but I have seen the clip from whichever anime its from and it is definitely the famous sound of a "distressed vacuum cleaner", as others have put it.
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