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  1. Oh, I know that. And I know beam "spray" guns are a thing in-universe and I know why they depicted it the way they did (the HORROR of WAR etc). But... particles is in the name! 😃
  2. Hmm, we have a couple Jollibees in the UK. I did not know that. I have to wonder if this means that if they ever do a Gundam set in the UK if there will be a Wimpy in the background… [1] Trying to get back on topic, the “beam sprays” were an interesting touch but I do have to wonder about the physics of that; it sort of implies Gundam beam weapons are more like plasma weapons than particle beams… [1] Virtually extinct but fondly remembered UK rival to MacDonalds et al.
  3. I still don't know exactly what the mobile SUITs looked like, but good grief, do I know every single detail of the various restaurants and cafeterias that appear. 😁
  4. Something I've just been reminded about today - changing the gender of characters between adaptations is not a new development. Its a minor one, but the original 1971 film version of "The Andromeda Strain" changed a character who was male in the book to female and probably for similar reasons to whats claimed today - to add diversity to the cast.
  5. I’ve watched the whole of “Unicorn”, and while it is indeed incredibly pretty, I still have little idea what it was actually about. I think the Char-as-pedophile thing is mostly from his underlings comments in “CCA” (I forget the characters name), I can’t recall much other in-universe reference and his interest in Lalah was a combination of her being a useful tool but also a meeting of minds, at least to me.
  6. Something else thats sprung to mind for me, when reading this thread, is that my first contact with "Gundam" wasn't through the anime, or manga, or model kits. It was through a series of articles in "Anime UK" magazine, which although it had illustrations of some of the Mobile SUITs and occasionally the odd character portrait, by and large only had descriptions of the characters and for a long time this was my only source of information about the Gundam universe. This meant that my what would now be termed "head canon" characterisations were rather different to the actual anime ones. Char, for example, is much more of a bas - dastardly type in the actual series than he ever was in my head, for example, until I saw more of the various series.
  7. You know, I'd never really thought about it before, but a female Char would be kind of interesting.
  8. Quote is from no less a personage than Sydney Camm, who knew a thing or two about aircraft design. In some ways, I guess you could say the TSR-2 was our XB-70. I've been fortunate enough to see one of the prototypes at the Imperial War Musuem at Duxford, and its one of those designs thats nearly timeless, like Concorde or the SR-71. Quite how capable it would have been in actuality is of course never going to be known, though I remember reading someone saying it would have been like a decade-early strike Tornado in terms of ability. The RAF Museum at Hendon several years ago had a big box full of unused titanium bolts (or some similar small parts) that were labelled as being from the TSR-2. Always regret not buying one when I had the chance, though probably not as much regret as we had when we opted for the F-111 over the TSR-2. That worked out well. Edit: should perhaps clarify, bolts from the TSR-2 programme, not necessarily an actual TSR-2.
  9. The F-23 would probably have fallen victim to the same outside pressures the F-22 did. As was once said of a very famous potential British military aircraft that came this close to being reality: "All modern aircraft have four dimensions: span, length, height and politics. TSR2 simply got the first three right."
  10. Patlabor on TV is probably the best written anime series I've ever seen (with "Planetes" a close second). It says something about the quality that even the recap episode is worth watching. And its always amused me that its just about the only anime I know of that when they finally got around to doing a hot springs episode (one of the "extra" OVA episodes, IIRC?) it focused on the male characters...
  11. "Skyborg"? So does it broadcast "Resistance is Futile" before engaging targets? Edit: and yes, that design does look a bit old-school.
  12. According to a recent video I saw on the making of “Crisis”, a lot of the music is... ahem... “inspired” by other tracks...
  13. They're gonna need extras, right? Extras who know how to scream properly when being vapourised by a beam sabre? Just... asking. For a friend.
  14. ...and which us in the UK absolutely need, otherwise we’ve just spent a lot of billions of pounds on two very big helicopter transporters.
  15. I suspect its a bit optimistic to think that you could get "four or five" of these for the cost of one F-35. The Hawker Hurricane was less "advanced" than the Supermarine Spitfire, but there were still only around twice as many of them available to the RAF during the Battle of Britain [1], and that was using 1940s aviation know-how, which as we all know was infinitely cheaper, better and still should be the way aircraft should be developed today rather than all these modern doo-hickeys. [2] [1] And an argument has been made that if the Spitfire hadn't suffered its infamous development problems and higher priority given to its production, the RAF may have done even better during that period than they already did). [2] I jest, but again, its been argued that its often forgotten that the "best" aircraft "back in the day" were the equivalent of F-35s - cutting edge technology deployed for military purposes.
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