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  1. Hers was the most... human, Farewell, Saavik.
  2. Would be nice if they bought back the M-Lovers. Despite the Takatokus notoriously fragile reputation, mine once fell off a table and survived, but the silver plastic that holds one of the fists is crumbling...
  3. He was Batman. 'nuff said. Still one of my favourite scenes in any animated work:
  4. https://2000ad.com/news/kevin-oneill-1953-2022/ Legendary UK comic book artist whose style was, for once, fully deserving the description "unique". Like so many others, I first encountered his work in the pages of "2000AD" with "Nemesis The Warlock". If you ever want to know what the difference between UK and mainstream US comics of the time was... well, read this. So the story goes, so singular was his art that he was the only comics book artist - as opposed to publication - to be sanctioned by the Comics Code Authority. (my first "RIP" post; mods apologies if I've messed up the formatting somehow).
  5. I love the visuals of that opening, but - and this may just be because Iโ€™m an ancient geezer now - I donโ€™t feel the music is a good fit.
  6. Having watched some of the YouTuber in questions other videos, I'm pretty sure it was an honest mistake. Your work is very well done, and to be fair to the guy "Transformers" are not his main area of toy interest. If you contact them, I expect they'd be happy to either correct the error or at least hold their hands up.
  7. Will do. What inspired the question is my local Fish and Chip shop - of all places! - has the Lego "Titanic" in the window and they've managed to find a display case to fit that, which although obviously the wrong size is the right style of thing I'm after. I'd ask them, but trouble is its quite a busy place and not easy to get a quiet moment.
  8. Okay, thanks for the advice. Its probably a bit of a walk to my nearest Walmart (๐Ÿ˜‰) but I'll see what Argos ("The laminated Book of Dreams!") might be able to do.
  9. I also have a question, of a different kind - do any of you know any good suppliers of display cases suitable for larger Lego kits (preferably in the UK)? Ones that can be relatively easily opened for access? I'm specifically thinking of something big enough for the recent Galaxy Explorer. I've tried amazon before for a warplane model I was given and wound up with a flimsy plastic thing that falls apart if even thought about. For those of you that don't use a display case, how do you keep your kits dust-free?
  10. For those of you looking to add some diversity to your LL928 Galaxy Explorer crew, D&K - at least in the UK - appear to have re-issued their "Lego Minifigure - A Visual History" book. This comes with the orange Space minifigure, which I believe is exclusive to this book. The list price in the UK is ยฃ30, but the newsagents W.H. Smith in the UK has it on sale for ยฃ8 (!) currently.
  11. The series I like to call "Where all the trouble started". It wasn't the first anime I saw, but it was the first one that introduced me to Japan as a country, rather than just a name on a map. It was the series that made me want to visit there, just to see what it was like. Ten trips and some wonderful friendships and experiences later... I'll be interested to see if they keep it set in the present day or the original series time frame.
  12. This will mean more to those on my side of the pond, but Oliver Frey, whose striking artwork adorned many a UK computer games magazine cover back in the 80s, passed away recently: https://www.eurogamer.net/beauty-and-brutality-how-oliver-freys-art-defined-a-new-medium
  13. From the same site, the new AW249 attack helicopter - successor to the "Mangusta". The cockpit looks... exposed to me? https://theaviationist.com/2022/08/23/the-new-aw249-attack-helicopter-flies-for-the-first-time/
  14. Yeah, Town and Space are what immediately come to mind when I think of "Classic" Lego (though in my childhood I did also have the big yellow castle, but Space was always my favourite theme). The most advanced Lego kit I've built to this point was probably the "Hoth" AT-ST, so, yes I don't have a great deal of experience with the more complex sets. Couple other minor points: one of the reasons I was holding off on this was aesthetic; I didn't like the way the "LL928" was angled on the sides and it felt like it had a lot of "nose" compared to the main body. Now having it in person, the angling is much less pronounced than it appears in images and the proportions also look better in the, erm, brick than in photos.
  15. So I finished the build of the Galaxy Explorer, and my fiendish plan to replace the buggys headlight has worked so far. Well, nothings exploded anyway. Yet. ๐Ÿ˜„ (for the record, I went with green. Theres a spare red and green stud in the set so I didn't even have to raid my spares). A few thoughts - this is a complicated set, much more so than it looks it would be from the box. It took me about 9 hours total to build - about an hour per bag - and I'd estimate between a third to a half of it is building up the interior frame and doing weirdly complex things to then hide that interior. This isn't a criticism, more an observation, but it does feel like if there were two ways of doing something with this set and one was straightforward but an inelegant finish and the other was really complex but the end result looks much better thats the option they went for. I almost miss the honest simplicity of the older sets... This is a big puppy - a good foot and a half long and a foot wide. Make sure you have somewhere to set it down if you're getting one. One odd thing about the design is that theres two small windows on each side but as built, one of those windows is almost completely obscured by the engine mount. It doesn't seem like it would have been too hard to move the window forward a little. Maybe like some WWII aircraft, some of the instruments are mounted on the engines? Its a lovely set though, especially if you have any love for Classic Space. And as I've said, if you any spare Space-themed stuff around, it obviously compliments it nicely. And, oh, I never want to see another Lego pin ever again. ๐Ÿ™‚
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