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  1. I liked it a lot too as someone who had near zero love for Delta. I found that I liked the action more after I watched it again without subtitles. Lyrics and dialogue take up too much of the screen to properly enjoy the battles. And it must have done something right as it made me have an affinity for the characters which I've never felt before. Somehow I also ended up liking Walkure's songs too! I couldn't resist the hype when these lyrics popped up: That song is just amazing hahah
  2. Well, whatever you do don't google the name of this movie. I'm sitting here at work staring at my bluray waiting to watch it tonight and got curious enough to look up reviews. Spoiled on the FINAL DAY! Ugh...
  3. I couldn't go last night for personal reasons, but I am so sad to hear most people once again having audio issues. Fathom Events is just terrible because on one hand you have to deal with their shitty 720p projection, which I can kinda adjust to, but the audio mix not being done properly for movies where music is the main feature....nope. The sound not being correct really stands out to me and it slowly rips my heart out through the runtime of the movie. I'm done. No more Fathom Events for me. Not ever. Wings of Goodbye is one of my very favorites, but I'll have an infinitely better time on my couch with my bluray.
  4. When I did my post I swear I hit the post button and it didn't work. I was wondering if I'd get a double post myself.
  5. Not a Delta guy, but preordered knowing it'll probably be an exciting movie coupled with some Frontier goodness!
  6. Not that I know of. I kinda get the feeling that complaining about it makes me feel like a party pooper in the fandom. LOL! But it was so bad...
  7. After the experience I'm feeling a little less irritated about the situation and you raise some very good points. I do not believe any sound effects were added with the intention of obscuring anything. This was purely a sound mix issue either by the theaters or the system Fathom uses to stream their films. It was strange to not subtitle Voices. I think we could have gotten by with everything else as is as it's either in English already or not so great French. I favor not obscuring the action with lyrics when it's not critical to the plot. Bring on everything else! People seem to talk like the older stuff is being worked on, but we'll see. DYRM would be glorious on the big screen.
  8. I'd love to see the movies in the theater too, but they really deserve something better than the 1080i source that Fathom Events uses for their features. I guess if it's the only possible route I'll take what I can get and try to keep supporting Macross.
  9. It has to be a mistake with converting the audio to whatever Fathom uses to show these films. I wonder if all showings were like this and most were just not as familiar with how it should sound to notice the problems? The whole movie sounded terrible throughout and I maintain that it sounded like the left and right channels were near missing. Center channel and real channels sounded normal. The lack of a full sound scape made everything from the center sound really strange. Like the example cited in Information High, I’m sure the audio track was probably panning from left to right for effect, but you only heard bits of the lyrics when it crossed the center channel. This would also explain why the laser noises where so exaggerated. They should have been buried in ambient noise and music. I’m happy people got to see it and enjoyed it either without the problems or didnt notice them, but this was a once in a lifetime chance to see something I dearly love ruined. I’m still highly irritated about the whole thing. No bumping Sharon Apple music is the worst way to experience Macross Plus. I want a second showing or a refund for the tickets I bought for my three friends and myself. It makes me sick to think it wasn’t half as cool as it could have been for them.
  10. I wanna give more detailed impressions later, but as a quick note the sound seemed totally screwed up. Like the center channel was cranked and the right and left channels where very low making all of the dialogue sound like directly from the mic and the music was totally ruined. One part during information high, when the glass is breaking into birds, the lyrics “NOISE” and “TOYS” where clearly heard all alone in the song through the center channel. It also made scenes feel weirdly awkward causing a lot of ambient sound to be non existent. I also had some idiot chucklehead humans laughing at the wrong stuff. Like seriously cracking up at explosions during action scenes. Going to see anime is always a nightmare and this didn't break the chain. edit: oh crap some of you noticed the same sound issue. I’ll have to compare with my bluray that has the new mix, but I’m certain it wasn’t intentional. Left and right channels were nearly dead.
  11. What?? I hope that doesn’t happen I made my friends get here so early!
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