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Cel-shaded VF-1D & VE-1


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Damn! How I wish to pay the guy to teach me that technique... I'm in love with that kit! It's the most creative painting job that I never have seen in this hobby, including military stuff.

The guy is my new idol!!!

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Ha ha damn. I actually had an idea similar to this but hadn't had a chance to get to it. That said this bloke went way beyond what I . envisioned, or could likely have achieved. I was going to paint a MKIII RAF Mustang in a comic book coloured line art style. But as they say "no photos = never happened."

This kit is very very nice, I hope he get lots of kudos. May I ask that a member here that is able, please post our collective congratulations on that forum?



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Looks brilliant!

Although I think the effect would be lost if the lighting wasn't diffused. Still looks amazing tho. B))

You also need a super flat clear coat to make sure nothing else reflects and the shading is even for the anime shading to come thru. What I like the most is that he removed a lot of the detail and and minimally replaced such things as the verniers with decals. And the lit boosters, cel shaded canopy, and the flat balck on the joints also kick ass. Thanks Jefuemon... someone posted it on FB the day before and I thought... cool cel art! lol.

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