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  1. Did someone say that there were black colored VF-1 super/strike parts? If so, could I get that link again?
  2. Honestly I like the MP better, but it's too expensive through BBTS.
  3. I really really hope that they make those forearms lock property.
  4. What sort of glue is best used to affix the magnets?
  5. Clearly it's option 1, but that doesn't make me lose hope that they'll eventually sell Chirico separately.
  6. I'd count the GBP as it's own mold, not with the VF1.
  7. Dimensional weight aka estimated weight by volume? Latex and foam latex are almost impossible to preserve, even in an ideal museum environment. I applaud neca for producing something like this, but wouldn't want to deal with the upkeep in the long run.
  8. I'm super stoked about lambert too. Only wish we could have a non facehugger kane.
  9. Be real careful. Those cm mospeada ride armor are fragile.
  10. I'll be stoked if the figure is ever released on its own.
  11. That or a glossy photo of a beta.
  12. This does not fill me with confidence for the upcoming Legioss fighter.
  13. Matching the VT1 cream color is pretty hard. I ended up using black colored hinges instead.
  14. What ever happened to those 4" robotech figures? No mention at sdcc this year?
  15. I'm definitely interested, given what I've seen so far. A big question for me is whether or not they're going to use that crappy thin/translucent plastic like the VF2SS.
  16. CoreyD

    Hi-Metal R

    Even if you were able to glue the part, the lateral stress on the piece would just break it again. You'd have to drill it out, put a pin in, then use some sort of metal bonding agent. With parts that small, I can't imagine many practical solutions short of shapeways replacement parts.
  17. NECA made those great 7" Hicks and Hudson figures. Maybe it's time to learn about hydroshrink?
  18. I had such hopes for those figures, but the face sculpts are horrific. Power loader looks cool though.
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