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  1. I always amazed about how fast do you work. Cool!!
  2. Cap, I can't pay right now, I'll pay in march 1st. Sorry.
  3. Hello guys, I just finished these 2 kits from Moscato Hobby Models (a.k.a. Captain America here) They are painted with Mr Color and weathering effects were made with Ammo by Mig products. Panel lines were made with Flory Model acrylic paints. Hope do you like it!! Here with the rest of the team: And here in my shelf (these are not all my kits obviously)
  4. As I said in FB, I'm in. Also consider 1 aditional kit to my friend Rodrigo Briones.
  5. Hi guys, this is my latest work, from Moscato Hobby Models. I hope do you like it.
  6. That mean that you will have different visors for Stick and Rei?
  7. Also, can you please do the dash sticker or decal more colorful, like this picture? Thank you in advance.
  8. I love the new visor, but it will match the same color for all the 4 characters? I'm asking because I don't know if the visor of Fuke or Yellow have the same color of Stick or Rei.
  9. Both are incredible!! Congratulations!!
  10. You have all my attention Tage!! (Hoping a 1/72 printing option)
  11. I'm just waiting for goose neck on Wave design... This is the most important thing to me.
  12. I dreamed for years with a 1/72 Breetai...
  13. Ground crew! And Destroid Pilots
  14. Fantastic! Happy to see more and more of your builds!
  15. This is music to my ears!
  16. Great stuff!! I just finish one, I hope to do more in 2016 ...
  17. For all of you that though that I'm retired from modelling, let me prove that you were wrong! Since my baby daugther born in July, I don't have any time for nothing, but I try to take advantage of any free moment that I have, even if they are just few minutes. So don't expect too much from me this year neither. So, here is my lastest work, one of my first GK purchased here in MW, 8 years ago. This is the original Launch Arm developed by Gundamhead & Jesse. VF-1 obviously is a Hasegawa, the box was made with 2 H-Hanger by Wave, and the Frame and other details were scratchbuilt, based in the following lineart: Model was painted with Mr. Color paints, Valk is detachable due some magnets in the Arm, and in fact, I prefer to display just the Valk in home, and keep the Launch Arm just for exhibitions, just to avoid bending in the arm, due the weight of the Valk. Special thanks to WM Cheng and Jefuemon for inspiring my work in this model with their own Launch Arm versions. Hope do you like it!!
  18. I'm interested but only for a 1/72 kit, unpainted and unassembled.
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