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Found 23 results

  1. I love these YF-29's, but I'm guessing no 1/72 transforming kit was ever made. Or at least I can't find out out there. Does anyone know of one?
  2. Some time ago I made this Little Vajra, it was mostly based on the Line art proportions which in fact are inaccurate compared to the proportions seen in the TV eps and movies. You can still see it there: Also due to a change of Shapeways sprues policies, my model was not printable anymore, so I decide to update the whole model with: 1) better proportions, from 16 cm long to 18 cm long. The figure is also bigger. 2) new tail design featuring a 5mm diameter x 22cm long silicon hose instead of a silicon flat band 3) new "hands", more accurate shapes and more articulations with a better grip 4) simpler model with less small parts. The complete model can be bought on shapeways for a little less than 65 USD (with "Extended" production time): https://www.shapeways.com/shops/xigfrid3dshop?section=Little+Vajra&s=0 You will need a few additional material to assemble it: 1) 3x screws dimensions M1.7 x 6mm 2) 1x bigger screw (2.3 - 2.7 mm diameter x 8-9mm long) 3) about 100cm of 0.8mm copper line for the legs and the tail, I also used a fine fish line to drag the larger copper line in the legs holes 4) 5mm diameter x 22cm long silicon hose for the tail. You can choose your favorite color.. I went with a green "glow in the dark" hose. 5) a few 1mm diameter metallic rods cut to the correct length to fit the different fingers articulations, I used 1mm x 20mm nails for that. 6) 2x magnets of 3mm diameter x 1mm depth (optional) They help secure the little legs under the belly, but they are also secured with the Jaw mechanism HERE IS THE ASSEMBLY manual if needed : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iyCkM98lGnNUwb7-1dFj-boI6miCCUoF/view Enjoy the build!
  3. Got the coolest birthday present from my son: the Macross F 30th Anniversary Bluray Box Set! It is absolutely awesome! The movies are so much better with actual translation subtitles, not to mention the bluray is gorgeous! The artbooks are to die for! I'm a happy man! LOL
  4. So, I talked about building it, now I've finished it. Alto's VF-25F Tornado Messiah from "Macross Frontier - The False Songstress". Base kit is the Hasegawa Super Messiah, everything else is from Bandai's (horrible) transforming Tornado kit. And yes, I am planning on bringing this with me to Shizuoka in May.
  5. Still have this baby for sale: -MACROSS FRONTIER 1/72 VF-25S Armored Messiah kit. Never opened, $100 shipped in US/Canada. I accept Paypal, for any additional info, just PM me, thanks!
  6. As you may know, I'm far more interested in the production background and history of the series than the actual content in most cases.... In fact, knowing how some things came about greatly amplifies my interest in the way the story of each series pans out, as well as how and why certain scenes were composed the way they were. Anyway, I just thought I would put up a few bits of Frontier behind-the-scenes trivia that I hadn't seen mentioned before on these pages. In no particular order: 1) The working title for the series was actually "Macross Quarter". In fact, I did mention this a few years ago in some other discussion. I was first made aware of this in the annotations to some rough Vajra designs seen in Animage Original (I believe it was issue #2). The special MacF feature in that magazine is still one of the best write-ups, and we discussed it quite a bit on the forums. My friend actually wrote it, and he had some really interesting things to say about it. 2) Originally planned to be 26 episodes. Well, this one is no surprise, as a two-arc proposal, 26 is standard. I suppose Kawamori "figured" out that the 25 motif could be used to spare some expense and labour, i.e. cut corners, i.e. be lazy Ah well, we did get two movies (well, one and a half) so who's counting? 3) Target audience: Male & Females, teens to 30s. Well, I don't have the stats but I believe most of Macross World is out of this range. I'm not, though, I'm still hanging in there Go back to watching SDF, gramps! 4) The story is set in 2088. That's 80 years from the original broadcast. Funny, MacII was set 80 years into the future of the setting of the original show.... 5) Brera comes from the "Antares Fleet". In the finished show, he is part of the Antares Squadron, but is from Macross Galaxy fleet. I'm wondering if Sheryl and Brera actually have totally different backgrounds in this, and they decided to make them both originate from Galaxy at a later date. 6) Kazutaka Miyatake's Macross Quarter rough design looks incredible. I want a toy of THIS one! I never liked the real Macross Quarter design. I have nothing against Junya Ishigaki, but I always thought it was a bit too messy, especially that "cruiser" mode. :/
  7. I've been meaning to do a quick and dirty review of these guys for a while now and finally had time to take a few photos to go along with it. So without further delay, here's my introduction to the answer to the problem of the (otherwise) wonderful Bandai VF-171 toys. After seeing Macross Frontier, I was smitten by the new VF-171 and actually liked it even more than the VF-25 that was central to the story. Something about the lines, the colors, the shimmery way it often exploded... Sadly, a toy or even a model of this thing seemed to be nothing more than a pipe dream. There were model companies hinting at it (Experten, I believe) but we never saw anything real materialize. And then, out of the blue, Bandai announced the VF-171EX and there seemed to be hope! The "normal" version arrived a bit later but finally, we had a toy! I waited until after the armor parts were released before I jumped on the 171 bandwagon and really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Like most of you who own this toy, I was shocked to find out how terribly made some of the black parts were; like many here, my shoulder pieces had some serious issues. Look no further than this topic: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=37652&page=1 for similar stories. Broken shoulders, broken legs, broken internal pieces. This thing has grown into almost legendary status for how unreliable it is. But for most, the shoulders remain the real issue. Until now... Resident Macross World member Xigfrid provided the answer, in the form of a Shapeways produced part. He offers a few variations, which I'll describe in more detail shortly. But suffice to say, for those of you with broken shoulder triangles, there is now a solution! I purchased a few sets from him as a "just in case" measure. But also in the hopes of spreading the word about this little fix and hopefully providing other 171 owners with a means of enjoying their little green (and sometimes white) engineering marvels again. The parts I'll be showing you are the basic versions, printed in one solid color. Two types are offered, a "no triangle" version and a "with lower triangle" type. Click the links for a look at the Shapeways site for more details and to place your order. Xigfrid also offers a pre-printed logo version, where the NUNS logo and stripe are represented by two colors of printed plastic. I didn't opt for these because they were more expensive, the colors weren't "exactly" right, and I wanted to experiment with painting myself. I asked Xigfrid a lot of questions before ordering and this guy is a top bloke. Very helpful, very patient, and very easy to deal with. So, here's a look at what you get: The parts come printed as one "tree" with only the end bits anchored. Both left and right triangles are on the one tree. It's quite an impressive thing to see the inner parts just sort of hanging on the spindle down the middle and understand they were printed like this. The parts I chose were finished in "White, Strong & Flexible, Polished" material (WSFP). They're very strong, but there is some printing edges that are obvious when looking closely at the parts. The surface reminds me of velvet. You'll notice in the image above, there's a slight difference between the left and right parts, with the left side being the "without triangle" and the right one being "with lower triangle" type. The only difference is a notch cut into the bottom of one of the parts, for each side. I'll show why this is important a bit later. Here are some close ups: The parts assembly is very easy, and the only advice is to cut down on the post that attaches the two outer sides together. If you use it as is, the fit is a little too tight. Trimming a few mm off the end is advisable so the post doesn't bottom out in the hole. So, what exactly are we replacing? Here's an old picture I took of the part in question: And a typical shot of the damage one is likely to see when it breaks (if you can remove all the pieces without losing anything): Now, for some irony... I fixed this part with super glue a few years ago. I then promptly put it back in the box in disgust and didn't even look at it until I saw these new Shapeways parts were available. And when I did look, it was purely to figure out if I needed "with or without triangle" type parts. Imagine my surprise when I got the replacement part in, dismantled the part to do a test fit, and discovered the fix was still in place! And to make things even more surprising, the other seemed to be fine, with no signs of stress or breakage. Seems I got very lucky with my sample. Moving on, here's the lower triangle, so you can determine which type of part you should order: The thin, black, hinged in the middle thing in the bottom of the wing root. It's easy to forget about when going from any mode back to fighter and WILL be the thing that prevents you from popping the legs into fighter position, because you forgot to fold it back into position beforehand. Ask me how I know... See those little white lines coming from the pin? That's not hair, those are cracks. Both of mine have this but for now they're still intact. If yours are broken, you may do well to remove them entirely. They're held on by that screw through the teal colored piece, just next to the triangle in the above image. They don't really do much, and honestly, they're annoying. They never sit right, they're always in the way, and even if you do get them perfectly aligned, they look like they weren't designed to be the right shape to fill the gap they're there for. Here's what's behind the part when you swing it out of the way: That notch (notice the repair marks on my example) allows the pivot pin hinge in the triangle to sit up against the top triangle. If you don't have the bottom pivot triangle, don't get the replacement part for the "with triangle" type. It'll have a hole in it and it'll be noticeable. Instead, opt for the standard type. Simple. I haven't fit my parts because I didn't need to, as mentioned. But disassembly is fairly straight forward. You can pry the whole shoulder open and pop the arm out, followed by the triangle. If you're very careful, that is. Otherwise, there's a screw cover that will most likely be glued in, hiding a small screw that keeps the shoulder together. Removing this will allow the shoulder to come apart much easier. One side on mine was easy, the other was glued in so completely that I wasn't able to remove the screw. Your mileage may vary. Prep of the parts is up to the person doing the installation. But note that none of the parts are terribly smooth unless you opt for the much more expensive translucent material. And even then, sanding is recommended. I'd planned to prime, sand, smooth and then paint these things black. The intention for the NUNS lettering was to print a mask or maybe do some decals. Given my part is still OK, that's a decision I'll leave for somewhere down the track. Check out Xigfrid's store. He's got some great stuff on offer: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/xigfrid3dshop If a mod happens by this, mind adding that missing 'w' to the end of my topic title?
  8. Guest

    ozma yf-29

    Sold to: TheLoneWolf transformed once. all joints tight. has micro imperfect paints in (cheeks, and small number on shoulder.) \\ I took a sample cheek blemish photo from the thread bc mine is packed away in the box and don't want to transform it. but the yellow paint on the cheek has the same identical micro blemish on both sides of cheeks) Box shelfwear in two corners. sold out (4x) to: erik elvis mcfly! kaneda's bike (paid!!! thanks!) lolicon as you know i'm on the safe list and EXO can vouch for me i'm an honest guy. maybe too honest with my posts. lol anyways, sale's for anyone and everyone, even those i call out for dumb posts, nothing personal no holds (unless i know you well on the forums) reason i'm selling: i don't need a reason, my dog didn't die or anything like that. (i did buy a guitar but can afford it but i won't be using 6 ozma's anytime soon)
  9. Guest

    YF-25 Prophecy MIB

    SOLD!!! to VF-1T Shipped!! MIB YF-25 prophecy just opened for inspection, never handled. it's never been transformed period... box bruised in two corners. (came that way sealed) i opened it to make sure contents were ok. i'm on the safe list and EXO can vouch for me as well as members i dealt with. pick up in NYC/NJ bergen county. buyer covers paypal fees or send payment as gift. reason i'm selling: none. i have another... just want to buy something else old school yamato
  10. Hello all, long time lurker first time poster. I've just received my lovely Frontier blu-ray set and am looking for subtitle files. Great thanks for any/all help!
  11. From the album: happy_spike collection

    New purchases from mandrake Osaka
  12. (Actually SFW, I forgot about the auto-censor. CHEERS) THE ALTERNATE ENDING TO MACROSS: FRONTIER >Alto is sitting atop the hill in City 25 >Folding his paper airplane and reflecting on crap like a bitch, unable to choose which girl he likes >He throws the paper airplane >A blue paper plane flies by and causes the other one to burst into flames out of pure spite >Max Jenius, now in his early 60s walks up with both Ranka and Sheryl in his arms >Alto's like WTF >Max just smirks and walks away >Becomes the new Protagonist >Doesn't take crap from anyone >kicks Ozma's ass >Michel becomes his bitch wingman >Paints Alto's VF-25F Blue >Michel has to paint his cannon fodder tan now because he's a pleb TO BE CONTINUED ... ...RIGHT frakkING NOW (the ride never ends) >Alto is forced to having to wear his Goth Lolita costume whenever he even thinks about approaching Max's bridge >Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Max runs that crap on the quarter now >Wilder is in the bitch seat, left to command only when Max is out kicking ass in his BLUE VF-25F >Nevershotdown.jpg >Kills every single Vajra before they even get the chance to realize that they aren't evil >Who gives a crap anyway? THE END
  13. Hello MW'ers, I am looking for any loose Macross/Robotech Valkyries/Veritechs and their accessories. I want toys, armor and miscellaneous parts. Scale and series don't matter. Also I'm interested in broken parts and Valks. So who's ready to sell me their old and extra stuff?? Thank you all and Happy New Year. raya
  14. MW - please delete topic
  15. You can find Macross shirts I have designed here: www.registeredphresh.com Shirts are $25 each (+$2 for XXL) and shipping is $6 every 1-2 shirts within the US. Please PM for iternational shipping. *Please PM for orders, include size, shirt, shipping address, paypal info, or you can order from my online store. **Whether sold here in MW forums or outside of the forums, each design/variation will be limited amount made. I have a lot of designs in progress and would love to get them out after these first set of designs. ***A little more info about the materials used: Vinyl Heat Transfer "ThermoFlex® Plus is a durable polyurethane based material that is highly flexible. It has a soft hand and strong grip and if applied properly will outlast the life of the garment." Shirts 5.4 oz.100% combed ringspun cotton Pre-shrunk Shoulder-to-shoulder tape and seamless collar Double-needle neck, sleeve and bottom hem. ****Read the post for reviews by people who have ordered.
  16. I am not sure if someone posted this already. But let's give it a try mine are Roy Fockers VF-1S the tv version, VF-25F Alto used and the YF-19.
  17. Hey everyone, I have a VF-27 Grace that has been transformed twice and is like new, 100% complete, with outer brown shipping box. I would like to trade it for a V1 VF-27 Brera and some other consideration. The Brera needs to be very lightly used/like new, 100% complete. The transaction can involve cash in either direction. If you just want to give me your Brera for my Grace expect to send me some cash. If you want to give me your Brera plus some other toys then maybe cash goes in the other direction. Toys I'm interested are: Votoms Actic Gear series (AG-N or EX toys) Transformers masterpiece toys Matchbox Robotech toys like the male power armors, bioroid, bioroid hovercraft thing, and Rick's VF-1 Takatoku Henkei VF-1 or any Takatoku toy you've noticed I don't have on anymoon
  18. Hey guys, I have the following stuff I was going to list on eBay next week but I thought I'd put it up for sale or trade here first. Prices include shipping to continental US. All toys were used for reviews on anymoon.com where you can find lots of pictures of the actual items. No stickers applied, complete with all accessories: 1) Bandai VF100 Family Mart Exclusive $80 2) Bandai VF100 Fighter VF-25S Exclusive $70 3) Bandai VF100 Fighter VF-25F Exclusive $70 4) Toynami 1/100 VF-1S Hikaru Exclusive $39 5) Toynami 1/100 VF-1S Stealth Exclusive $39 6) Aoshima 1/48 Mospeada Tread BLUE $115 7) Toynami 1/55 Masterpiece Volume 1 HIkaru VF-1J $105 Happy to trade for any of the following items: Transformers Masterpiece toys (just about any Takara release, any Hasbro other than an Optimus toy, Thundercracker, or Skywarp) Votoms Actic Gear AG-N line, AG-EX line, some CMs releases, Seven releases, joint models, Yamato Fyana Uoodo version Macross Yamato VF-11C, SV-51 Cannon Fodder, Cavaliers VF-1A, VF-1D with bonus parts, Angelbirds VF-1A
  19. One new and factory sealed 2 CD soundtrack set, 'Macross Frontier Vocal Collection Nyantama', VTCL-60100, official Japanese import. I accidently purchased a duplicate and am offering one for sale. Price $34.99 + shipping from the Netherlands to you, PayPal payment preferred.
  20. The name of the movie is Macross FB7: Ginga Rukon - Ore no Uta wo Kike! Character and cast have been partially announced and releas date has been announced October 20.
  21. As you know, May'n will be performing in California on June 21st in LA and June 23rd in SF. Figured that a thread might be in order to perhaps get an idea of who's going. I'll definitely be at the SF event. Who's with me? On a somewhat related topic, Fanimecon apparently featured some footage and tour good of Mamegu. Not that I could find them.
  22. I have 4 pairs of tickets to give away. 2 pairs for each of the 2 venues that is currently scheduled in the US leg of May'n's World Tour (Rock Your Beats). One is at the Key Club in Los Angeles and the other is at Yoshi's in San Francisco. Click at the banner up top or on the main page for more info on the tour and anything related to May'n in the USA. Rules: 1. You must be in California to enter. 2. To enter for the bay area show, you must live in Northern California (above the San Luis Obispo, Kern County and San Bernardino northern county lines.) 3. To enter for the Los Angeles area show, you must live in Southern California (below the San Luis Obispo, Kern County and San Bernardino northern county lines.) 4. To ensure that a current active member wins a ticket for each of the venue, you must be already signed up before this post and you must have above 100 posts by the date of the drawing. 5. Any registered member is eligible for the other pair of tickets (for each venue), so you can register one hour before the drawing and you are eligible. Anyone caught making duplicate accounts just to enter will be automatically banned. (Duplicate accounts are not allowed per TOU.) 6. Winners will be announced on May 25, 8pm PST. 7. Winners must provide Name, Email address, and Street Address thru PM within 48 hours of drawing, so make sure you check this thread on or soon after the 25th of May. Alternate names will be drawn just in case the winners fail to contact me within the time allotment. Name and email will be forwarded to May'n's concert promoters and by entering the contest, the winners agree on these terms. 8. Tickets are non-transferable. These are WILL-CALL tickets and you will be asked for ID at the show. To enter just post your mailing zip code on this thread. SUPPORT MAY'N AND OTHER MACROSS MUSIC ARTISTS!
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