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  1. If no-one buys this before payday... I'll be forced to take it LOL
  2. Has No-one bought that Max yet? I've watching it trying NOT to buy it, but it's getting too tempting LOL
  3. Done! Thanks guys Who has a cheap Bandai VF100 VF-25 I can play with (circa 2009)? I want a "transformable" one. (not one of the ones glued in plane mode or the like) Didn't know these existed. I hear they're terrible, but i'm kinda curios. lol
  4. Hey Guys. Still looking for a Hi-metal VF SUPER set for a decent price.
  5. Got an Elint Seeker.... Do IO need a Super Ostrich?
  6. Got everything I needed. thanks guys Hey all, I'm looking to buy a Hi-metal this week and another next pay day. I'm budgeted for the $85-ish price range. Anyway, got my eye out for these 3 (will consider other if the price is right ) *DYRL Super VF-1A *or any other VF-1 Super* GOT IT! (Ebay father's day coupon) 35th Anniversary Messer VF-1S DYRL Super Ostrich Please PM best shipped offers (zip code 83201 Idaho) I pay via PayPal and am ready to go! Thanks guys
  7. dec0y13

    Hi-Metal R

    Oh Bummer! That ruins my dream lol Thanks for the info all the same.
  8. dec0y13

    Hi-Metal R

    The next release as far as I can find is the VT-1 Ostrich in August 2018. I See Scorched Earth has VF-19 Videos, but I can't find release dates. (Macross 7 bleh!, but I may get the Excalibur) I personally hope they continue on through the seris. I'd love the YF-21 from Plus, an every Mecha from Macross Frontier to current. It seems like they are moving through roughly chronologically. E.G. they did Macross, then DYRL, them Macross 2. Looks like 7 is coming. So Plus would be next? OH! Then may ZERO!! (that would rock)
  9. dec0y13

    Hi-Metal R

    this thread is too big LOL What are the next upcoming Hi-Metal R releases?
  10. The strawberry chocolates really make me want it! If it still needs selling, maybe we can work something out.
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