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  1. dec0y13

    Hi-Metal R

    Oh Bummer! That ruins my dream lol Thanks for the info all the same.
  2. dec0y13

    Hi-Metal R

    The next release as far as I can find is the VT-1 Ostrich in August 2018. I See Scorched Earth has VF-19 Videos, but I can't find release dates. (Macross 7 bleh!, but I may get the Excalibur) I personally hope they continue on through the seris. I'd love the YF-21 from Plus, an every Mecha from Macross Frontier to current. It seems like they are moving through roughly chronologically. E.G. they did Macross, then DYRL, them Macross 2. Looks like 7 is coming. So Plus would be next? OH! Then may ZERO!! (that would rock)
  3. dec0y13

    Hi-Metal R

    this thread is too big LOL What are the next upcoming Hi-Metal R releases?
  4. Well, I think it looks sweet. Kinda what I meant when I started the post, but I can see that it is Mospeada branded
  5. Makes a nice looking fighter anyway. (sigh) I just don't see the point of a non-transforming Valk. I mean, that's what's made em so cool all these years.
  6. Has a release date for the Roid Kit ever come out? I'd love to grab one of these 262's, but I really like the white. AND where's Chuck's 31????
  7. bummer. well, a least someone tried. I just started watching the Frontier movies and I saw Alto's YF-29 and thought that'd be a good one to have. I have to say it a lovely mix of the 25 and Lucifer. Thanks for the info
  8. I love these YF-29's, but I'm guessing no 1/72 transforming kit was ever made. Or at least I can't find out out there. Does anyone know of one?
  9. It's 2017 now and Master Made is Making better Transformers than takara. They are also doing it at a fair price. (considering the quality and limited runs) Master Made's 1st toy (that I know of) the the Makuros and it wasn't that bad, but with what they can do now, I see reason why they couldn't crank out a wonderful non-SD Fighter if they wanted to. I dearly hope they come back to Macross and produce a few more figures. AND, they aren't the only ones. 3p companies are really stepping up the game. I truly hope they come in and fill the gaps in the market. *That being said, I would also buy unofficial stuff that had extra antennas and the like with no logos. I think everyone's right though. Just not a big enough interest. MY WISH LIST: (cause I can dream, right) (things that aren't crazy complex) Upgrade kits for Matchbox SDF-1 (one kit with upgraded arms. Dalius with opening front door. better conning tower with transparent windows. Replace the landing gear with wave cannon gear etc) (Maybe a second kit with movie theme mods) Macross battle Frontier and SDF Elysion. (These 2 guys are pretty similar and each would make a nice SDF toy)(since I'm dreaming, I'd like them in 3000 to 2500 scale) SDF-4 Global Battle Fortress Glaxay (I need a purple Batttle fortress) (Things I'd love to see that ARE complex) Macross 2 A GOOD VF-2SS and variants like the unseen VF-XS (the current one by Evolution toys is terrible, and slap in the face expensive) VF-2JA Frontier YF-24 Evo Delta TRANSFORMING VF-EX (I'll bet they had a few upgrades from the original VF-1 frame)
  10. thanks for the link. I'm reading all through it. also, If this is against forum policy, what forum is best for unofficial Macross product information?
  11. Yes, this is an old thread, but I fully suppport 3rd party stuff
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is a silly question. I was inspired by Master Made Makuros. It's a high in figure and it's a SDF-1-like toy I can afford! Sure, it comes with a what is not a VF-1J with 4 head cannons and everything has a funny name, but it's well made, pretty well packaged and I don't have to decide to pay rent or not to get it. I think the current Bandai/Chogokin stuff is crazy overpriced and I'm surprised that a few 3rd party companies haven't already offered a similar "Mukuros" line of there own. You can get nice 3rd party Transformers for 1/3 the price of the current DX and Arcadia lines. Bandai sells Power Rangers and Big Hero 6 stuff stateside for competitive prices at Walmart. Is it just that Macross isn't popular enough? So, does anyone know of other companies making decent toys, or maybe news of things that are coming to the market?
  13. did this thing ever get built? I wanted to see it too
  14. Don't get me wrong. I would most certainly buy the 1/60 Arcadia's IF I could justify the cost. I'm just not a big enough fan to drop down $300 each for the planes I want. If they were $80-100 (which is what I feel they should actually be worth) I'd buy em all day! (Heck, I buy uber nice Master Made Transformers figures for $130 and they are insanely detailed, durable, articulated, and they have tons of die-cast in em!.. I assume it's the licensing that makes Macross figures so crazy expensive.) I can build 6 or more models for the price of one Arcadia. Also, it's nice to use a little skill and come out with something that looks nice. (...and I'm willing to endure the decal battle lol) As far as durability, I usually reinforce the inside of my models with super glue and metal bits to add to the ruggedness of the frame. I learned to beef these up a bit after breaking one of my VF-2's. A coat of Future/Pledge seals the pant and decals pretty good. You still need to be reasonably gentle with em, but they hold up for the transforming and posing I do. (If I paid $300 for one I'd treat it like glass anyway) So it's models for me until I win the lottery
  15. OK, I wrote Bandai to see about submitting maybe a top 10 list from us. They are VERY standoff-ish! They have a very long response that says what has already been said in this forum. they will only take suggestions when they specifically ask for them. All the same, I sent a letter for more information anyway.... to see what happens. If 3D printers would just get a bit better, we'd just make our own LOL
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