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  1. I actually thought that was the case too before they started mentioning logs. XD Bad use of a reflective surface.
  2. After fighting it, I finally post here about Delta after years of PFTSSD - Posting about Frontier Shipping Stress Disorder! Mercurial is back and likely not missed. XD I enjoyed this one a lot. I liked the bit of world building with the festival and the infighting on Windamere. Even though there were death flags UP THE YING YANG, manly tears were still shed, Mikumo continues to be an enigma, wrapped in a puzzle, wrapped in a hair bun. Hopefully it pays off, Really like the Protoculture angle. Once again we are teased with the promise of long standing answers we all know will be flat out ignored or merely built on for years to come. And yes, everyone loves Kaname, The show's starting to take itself more seriously, which could be good or bad, as I actually liked how it kind of embraced it's own silliness a bit, Still, at least it's not forcing a triangle much yet.
  3. I was thinking of picking this up for Xmas since I'd love a TV Macross, though all the talk of the inaccuracies trouble me. It still worth getting, or is it better to just settle for the DYRL version or soemthing else entirely?
  4. Would definitely love to go, but so many variables to work out in little time (timeoff, transportation, etc.) Getting down there being a big one.
  5. He was a guest at the parent French convention. Checkmate likely visited the wrong website. Did this ever get off the ground? I've totally missed this.
  6. I got it for 12 bucks at a swap meet. The face sculpt is actually quite nice in person and matches the source art quite well and the rest of the sculpt is amazing considering the price of admission. Easily one of the nicest cheapo figures I have. No where near this one of course, but you get more than what you paid for. I'm still surprised GSC's first Sheryl is a rethread of someone else's prize figure. I do agree it would be nice to see some more non-stage versions of Sheryl. It'd also be nice to have some other characters like Grace and Cathy, but yeah right. I think I'll pass on the Nendo, but then I always do. Never quite got their appeal, especially at their price range at cons. Chibi part swapper, whoopdedoo.
  7. Can't afford her at the moment, and I need another Sheryl like a hole in the head (even have the other figure in that same pose), and yet I want her so bad. It's just too damn perfect, and I love the one I have.
  8. Sorry to hear it. As the huge Gunbuster fan I am, it would be odd of me not to pay respects to a character's namesake. The industry has lost another of it's founders, and is lesser for it.
  9. I know a video showing this was poisted but here's some new pictures. http://myfigurecollection.net/item/144293 As I said there, She looks fantastic, though it's odd that they'd base another figure on the same drawing as another companies previous figure. That and we need more high end Sheryl Nome figures like a hole in the head. Especially if they're just redoing poses. I do like her a lot though with that base and face sculpt (which matches the poster art and actually improves on it, which is great seeing as I never liked that poster much), but I do already have the current Banpresto, which actually looks a lot better in person than the pics suggest and matches the art quite well for it's quality. I seem to be drawn to the Universal Bunny stuff they won't cease with. Maybe it's due to being an awesome song and movie Sheryl related, What are the best Rankas to track down? I know there's a few Megahouse ones and maybe some Ichiban Kuji's that are worthwhile. I really need to add some to the collection. Still, nice to see someone else make Macross figures.
  10. I though she was supposed to be the flower girl, but this makes a bit more sense given previous swaps. Works a bit better than Minmay as Sheryl too. Yay, another Sheryl. Not like we needed a Misa, or Milia, or Myung, or even Klan or anything.... Nope definitely need yet another Sheryl. I'm guessing Sara as well for the reasons Phalanix mentioned. Or maybe she'll be the flower girl. Then she can be her own fan!
  11. Nice work, kanedaestes! Definitely looks better than the last build I've seen (that like to show off the separation). I know if i get it I'll be omitting most of those decals though. Way too cluttered.
  12. I'd like to see confirmation on this as well. Just seems really odd having him helm both Star Trek and Star Wars. It basically gives him a monopoly on science fiction these days. Though if it means him leaving Star Trek alone, I may be for it. Seeing as it was more like Star Wars than Trek anyway, this seems a logical if boring choice.
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