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  1. Anybody know how many color schemes there are for the valkyries. I have 5 for each 1 but are there more for beating the higher dificulties.
  2. it is a side quest in the Ice region. It is a simple retrival mission or it is one the races in the ice region. It is either one of those two. I have every Valkrie in the game without dlc. So if you want any questions aswered ask away. Also finished every side quest in the game. some have time limits so make sure to check eeach town during each Chapter.
  3. Their already is a super/fast pack for it so it is not needed to be done.
  4. I am not sure if someone posted this already. But let's give it a try mine are Roy Fockers VF-1S the tv version, VF-25F Alto used and the YF-19.
  5. Already did in with the singing voices of Nekki Bassara and Shryl Nome singing Toutsegeki Love Heart if you don't believe me heres my proof http://youtu.be/5wUywQ-uFVM
  6. She retired the character. Also on earth which is really far away. So not possible.
  7. TMNT was good but aliens is somewhat farfetched but possible since it was alien ooze. If he keeps to that background less upset people. But if he doesn't burn you SOB!!! Transformers 1 perfect, 2 bleh, and 3 was good.
  8. The name of the movie is Macross FB7: Ginga Rukon - Ore no Uta wo Kike! Character and cast have been partially announced and releas date has been announced October 20.
  9. Can't wait so i can see how much they cleaned up the picture and audio quality.
  10. Well I loved the original. Hikaru in the Skull one VF-1S seemed cool. Roy was great I will always be upset that he died he was awesome. Hikaru decided to make sure that Skull Squadron continue to be the best. He was never shot down after that while in the VF-1S. proves that he had greatly improved
  11. Just joined and glad to have.

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