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Found 8 results

  1. mint macross 30 valks up for sale, with super parts! payment via paypal. prices exclude shipping and paypal fees. shipping from vancouver, bc, north of the wall. Ozma's YF-29 - USD 399 (pics!) "Roy's" YF-29 - USD 399 (pics!)
  2. mint macross frontier valks up for sale! payment via paypal. prices exclude shipping and paypal fees. shipping from vancouver, bc, north of the wall. VF-25S - USD 225 (pics!) VF-25F - USD 225 (pics!) Brera's VF-27 - USD 225 (pics!)
  3. Packing Photos for yf-29 ozma and 29 ozma super parts for Helix: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=42287 Put up another set of TRU MP Soundwave and Grimlock 320 shipped 1/48 VF-1J stealth sold no holds, first to pay gets it over any verbal agreement. buy pays paypal 4% fees or send as gift. pm me for shipping estimate. can pickup locally NYC/NJ area. if you get more than one i'll give you a discount. just pm me what you want. EXO and many others can vouch for me, thanks! david Ozma yf-29 and 29 ozma supers MISB sold to Helix Alto YF-29 MISB never opened Sold to VF-Zer0S Alto yf-29 supers mib (brought second hand, never left bubble wrap, see pic) Sold to Chronocidal yf-25 prophecy misb (still in hlj bubble wrap, see first pic left pile, third from top) Sold to 505thAirborne VF-27b lucifer renewal w/ supers MISB (see pic) Sold to SilentCrossHairs
  4. From the album: Reference

  5. Guest

    ozma yf-29

    Sold to: TheLoneWolf transformed once. all joints tight. has micro imperfect paints in (cheeks, and small number on shoulder.) \\ I took a sample cheek blemish photo from the thread bc mine is packed away in the box and don't want to transform it. but the yellow paint on the cheek has the same identical micro blemish on both sides of cheeks) Box shelfwear in two corners. sold out (4x) to: erik elvis mcfly! kaneda's bike (paid!!! thanks!) lolicon as you know i'm on the safe list and EXO can vouch for me i'm an honest guy. maybe too honest with my posts. lol anyways, sale's for anyone and everyone, even those i call out for dumb posts, nothing personal no holds (unless i know you well on the forums) reason i'm selling: i don't need a reason, my dog didn't die or anything like that. (i did buy a guitar but can afford it but i won't be using 6 ozma's anytime soon)
  6. Hey guys, I was hoping to pre-order the new re-re-release (the one from November 2014) of the Bandai Ozma VF-25S but looks like Ozma sold out again. If anyone bought an extra that is MIB and willing to ship to the US please contact me. I have a few Yamato Macross items for trade too.
  7. From the album: Reference

  8. From the album: happy_spike collection

    New purchases from mandrake Osaka
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