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  1. You can say that again. Hell, you could scream that at the top of your lungs. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL 🤣. But it is a very pretty stand that I'll never use. In any event I'm really digging the design of the 31AX and doing my best to ignore all of the thermometer and pregnancy test talk about the Pod so I can just enjoy my toy in peace once it arrives. I even like the Battroid mode which I usually don't outside of the VF-1, VF-11 and YF/VF-19 (Isamu only) variants. -b.
  2. Not gonna lie, I initially thought this was HLJ as well, but reading it quickly shows that this was the mag, not the store we all know and like/love/hate. -b.
  3. Pretty much, however as I think about it and to be fair to the movie makers, in some ways that was by design. GI Joe and Cobra are left on the periphery on purpose which kind of works. But the story and the characters are all cookie-cutter which makes this so generic-looking and feeling. The movie stays pretty grounded (which again, would have been okay had the story been stronger) until the last act and then BOOM invincibility plot armor and an infinity stone come out to play. -b.
  4. Yeah, I don't even know (or remember) Snake Eye's comic book origins, it was that as generic hero (who happened to be Snake Eyes) was written as a unlikable jerk. And as stated above, if you like Storm Shadow, this really is the movie for you. That was a character in the movie that was truly well done and he came across as more of a protagonist, as the designated protagonist did. -b.
  5. Welp. The Jeremy Jahns YouTube review posted above was pretty spot on. Honestly this should have been Storm Shadow: Cobra Origins as he was a far more sympathetic character than Snake Eyes, who was an a-hole pretty much the entire movie. Even then, the acting was good, the fight choreography was good, and most of the movie was fairly grounded - then the third act and all of a sudden everyone is a super hero. Bottom line, I left the theatre thinking that Storm Shadow literally has every right to want Snake Eyes dead, and honestly he'd be 1000000000000% justified. Just...ugh. -b.
  6. Expectations super low, feedback that seems to match those expectations but I'm still going. Because my EMAX ticket was only $3 with a promotion from my wireless carrier and Atom (ticket seller). Going on Sunday so I'll come back to this thread and leave a one-emoji review lol -b.
  7. Got it, thank you @tekering I guess EvilBay it is 🙃 -b.
  8. Definitely going to take advantage of my existing HBO Max subscription and watch this at home, but certain movies beg to be seen in theaters. This is one, so I'll be there on opening night. -b.
  9. The first few seasons of 24. Not Kim being chased by a mountain lion 24. 😅 Really enjoyed Loki, probably more so than the other D+ shows so far, which really surprised me given how ambivalent I am regarding the character. -b.
  10. Like others have pointed out, this was okay to bad, with a small handful of good moments. Wasted potential really is the theme here. Great cast, some really good acting (Scar Jo and Florence Pugh were outstanding) but the story/plot...yikes. AND this might be one of the only end-credit scenes that actually annoyed me. I'm fine with what Marvel is doing from a connected universe perspective (there's a lot of potential there), but I'm not stoked about this particular setup. Kind of a bummer because I was very excited to have a new MCU movie to watch. Hopefully Shang-Chi and Eternals (really looking forward to that) are much better. -b.
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