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  1. ThreeZero's Transformers lines, especially the DLX have been fantastic. In fact every ThreeZero product that I own (and opened) has been well worth the money. I don't know anything about their customer services as I've never had the occasion or need to use it. I'll pick one of these up based on the strength of their Transformer releases alone. -b.
  2. Can. Not. Wait. Getting Ryan and Hugh on screen together as these two characters is worth the price of admission. Especially after their hilarious back and forth for years. -b.
  3. Totally get it, hopefully the show (characters especially) get better for you. I know my enjoyment of a movie or TV show is extremely dependent upon how I feel about the characters. I absolutely didn't like Cassian when he was introduced in Rogue One, but it was okay because he wasn't the star, Jyn was, but I warmed to him by the end. So I enter the show with a slight affinity for the character and I have no issues with his motivations or how he's written. -b.
  4. Cool, cool - no argument here. My point was simply that their price, appropriate or not to however they're sourcing it, or any other factors, doesn't surprise me. And that when I look at them, it's usually for the sake of comparison. -b.
  5. Besides The Mandalorian the live action Star Wars shows have been a mixed bag (often from episode to episode), but Andor has been consistently fantastic 3 episodes in. -b.
  6. BBTS is rarely the cheapest option, when I buy from them I just look to see how competitive their prices are to other sources. And thanks for posting the Good Smile link, I didn't think to look at their own webstore. Good to know! Thx -b.
  7. Samus is up at AmiAmi (went up last night); https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-145210 They are the only of the big three, HLJ, AmiAmi and Hobby Search that has a listing. The release date is October of next year so that would reconcile BBTS's release date. -b.
  8. It was really just the cannon fodder 171's to be fair. But those flat out disintegrated given enough time. The infamous triangles, legs, etc. The 31AX just have terrible, terrible, terrible fit and finish. -b.
  9. Glad I quickly cancelled my subscription to that build-an-Enterprise D. I really was excited for it, but I'm glad my apprehension won out in the end. I'm bummed because it was at least nice to have a company producing ships from Star Trek. -b.
  10. There are ways to get these things for less than what I paid, of that I'm sure. And I personally was okay with paying a smidge more upfront for this release, especially with an "easy button" like purchasing from places like Big in Japan and others, but I would never begrudge someone for being smarter or more strategic with how or when they buy. As mentioned; Forwarding Services/Proxies Being patient and diligent just after release Getting lucky with reputable etailers or eBay sellers Between MWF and just good ole Google I've learned a lot about how to buy exclusives like this, but there's still so much I don't know, haven't tried yet, etc. -b.
  11. To be honest I've followed both strategies and had both worked, and failed. There's so much speculation involved it's hard to know which was right until after the fact. Will there be tons of supply, causing prices to drop, or will there be limited supply, causing those prices to stay steady, or get higher? Start contemplating that and then BOOM - the fear of missing out, or even worst the fear of seeing stupid after-market prices strike. lol -b.
  12. Thanks for posting this, was definitely a heads-up for me. Not going to lie, there have been a few recent releases, Metal Build or Gundam related as well as Macross related that I've passed on. A few years ago I would have never, but these days I'm skipping all sorts of stuff. Not this one though 😅 It's a good looking suit! It's already sold out at Big in Japan and I don't see it listed on other sites yet, so FOMO compelled me to order at Luna Park (Premium). I had decided to stay way from them but I'll roll the dice this time. 50,500 JPY shipped using DHL was my total, so your estimate is pretty accurate. -b.
  13. Finished my first viewing about an hour ago, the advertising hype around this is spot on, easily the best Predator movie since, Predator. I'd actually really love a 4K release of this. Agreed with @Tking22 comments around the CG and what's in the spoiler tag. 1 Predator 1a Prey 2 Predators 3 Predator 2 (hated this move years ago, but it's grown on me and I appreciate how it expanded the mythos in the final act) 4 The Predator (because it has to be included on the list) Just like Predator I can see myself easily deciding to watch Prey on a slow day when I want something good to re-watch. -b.
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