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  1. Thanks for posting. Hopefully this turns into "something" vs. just some random item getting a listing on BBTS. -b.
  2. One of the few times I'll be jealous of not being 3 hours ahead of you guys! Was not expecting to see that about Anime-Export, but at least they were quick to refund your money. -b.
  3. Poster should say Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Still the best parts of this series were (in no particular order); The interactions between Sam and Bucky (mostly out of costume) Bucky's storyline Sam's unwavering optimism and spirit Zemo Also really looking forward to Loki now, the last preview sold me. Before that I was "meh". -b.
  4. Fantastic! Still love how much of the 25 is an homage to the VF-1. Good eye!!! That's the South Beach look lol -b.
  5. You'd think, but Bandai makes some really odd choices with what they choose to release. Don't get me wrong, I hope that they do - but until I see a pre-order button somewhere I'm not holding my breath. -b.
  6. Ordered a few stand-alone sets, and will order the bundle as well, but damn I hate those big stupid clown hands. Really the TV hands in general are the worst. -b.
  7. ^This. It was entertaining and overall I enjoyed it, which is what I was going for, BUT lack of a really good soundtrack, lack of an actual tourney, and some pretty big plot holes keep this one from being as good as it should have been. -b.
  8. One of these days I'm going to have to take mine out of Fighter with the Armor Parts attached. I'm just afraid to see if it turned into a floppy mess after all of these years! -b.
  9. ^Mission accomplished! Those are fantastic @Kicker773
  10. Always nice to see your collection @Kicker773, but I truly have a soft spot for any/all 1S Minmay Guard variants. -b.
  11. Indeed! Add some microwave popcorn or Kool Aid to that stash and I'd go to war. -b.
  12. - FANTASTIC! And not to be outdone... The extra SPAM is needed for Fast Pack fuel. "Good" -b.
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