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  1. In bold is a fantastic point/factoid from the first movie that I'd forgotten about. With that in mind the movie could have been set in South America. Same. Don't care to go down the "PC" rabbit hole, but I think the introduction of a female Predator could be cool if for no other reason than to change the status quo - but I would not want that to be a focal point of the movie. Maybe if She-Predator was simply a part of a pack or trio like AvP (terrible movie, yes, I know) or Predators. -b.
  2. Will reserve my opinion until I see a few episodes, but the trailer did make me nostalgic for GoT, something I haven't felt since the series ended. How just two abbreviated seasons could taint the legacy of such a phenomenon in the way that they did still blows my mind. -b.
  3. Really wish Bandai could, or would make more Star Wars SHF. No disrespect intended towards Hasbro and their offerings, but just about every time they release something all I do is wish that it was Bandai instead, or even in-addition to. -b.
  4. Saw that sneak peek as well, pretty sure it was an exclusive to show in front of Dr. Strange. And it looks fantastic, can' t wait to see this in theaters! -b.
  5. This made me LOL. Also QFT Respectfully disagree, Shang Chi and Spider-Man: No Way Home were superior in many ways, but this WAS good and I enjoyed it a lot. Raimi was perfect for this material and I loved how he managed to sneak in some of his old movie-making tricks with camera-work and horror elements. -b.
  6. Working for a SaaS company these days and I had to quote this because there are times I swear this is what a some of our Devs want to say. 😅 To their credit they don't, but I truly believe that they want to. Also, I skipped this 31AX and if I could go back in time and skip Hayate's I would skip that one too. -b.
  7. Ditto that question. I'm purposefully not going to watch this on streaming because nothing beats the fidelity you get physical media. IMO -b.
  8. That's actually pretty awesome, hopefully this is all just overblown internet drama over yet another toy. Totally fair, I have not cancelled my PO (yet), but will keep watch with more than passing interest to see how this plays out. Or maybe I'll forget all about it until BBTS charges me and it's in my Pile of Loot lol -b.
  9. So apparently the Blitzway Voltron really isn't doing so well in a few circles. I'm actually thinking of cancelling my order with BBTS and just eating the deposit. https://www.facebook.com/blitzway.official/ https://www.facebook.com/blitzway.official/photos/a.1239507779417545/5348778711823744/ BIG thanks to a really good friend who pointed this out as a warning for me. -b.
  10. Pretty much all of the trailer ended up in the film. I watched the movie on Sunday (fantastic by-the-way) and the trailer yesterday and I didn't notice any trickery or misdirection a la Marvel. Batman meets Se7en IMHO -b.
  11. Ha ha ha - exactly, plus all those pointy bits give me anxiety about the likelihood of drawing blood trying to handle it. I'll stop beating the dead horse, but a lot of the add-ons and variations of the Red and Blue Frames are certainly not my cup of tea. -b.
  12. Wait, is there an actual Gundam underneath all of that mess??? 🤣 No comment on whether I, or anyone should love or hate them but this Red Frame immediately reminds me of a Bayformer with all of the shards of metal. -b.
  13. ☹️ Sorry, I've been there on many a release. I truly got lucky because I had time off of work to sacrifice the sleep for days in a row. And I got extremely lucky yesterday - even when I was trying to add it to my cart I was getting errors about it being out of stock. I just kept trying and eventually the order went through (my credit card has been charged and all of that as well) ^Pretty much this, although I am slightly jealous that your order from AE has already shipped and is en route. -b.
  14. Pretty sure things are slow(er) everywhere because of the holidays. If it makes anyone feel better I don't have a payment request yet from AmiAmi, I requested and paid for shipping via Anime-Export and it hasn't shipped and I even took a BIG chance and pre-ordered with Nin-Nin with everything paid up front and nothing from them either. I think HLJ is one of the only stores with real movement on the 31AX so far. I managed to get an order from HLJ earlier this evening (after it went from Order Stop to Discontinued to In Stock) and they've invoiced me for the Valk and shipping, so it'll really be something if they ship out before all of my pre-orders. I've also ordered a handful of items from Luna Park and outside of the questionable packaging I've had zero issues with them, but of course everyone's mileage can and will vary. -b.
  15. Was thinking about this last night as well, my two favorite D+ series have been the ones I was initially least excited about, Loki and Hawkeye and they are my two favorites. From a 'hit or miss' perspective the series have been better than the movies (so far, and I haven't yet seen 'No Way Home'). -b.
  16. 🤣 That would be something, my DX next to the laundry detergent - but they can barely keep Transformers, Star Wars and GI Joe in stock -b.
  17. So I saw the trailer for this last night and I feel like A24 movies are never really straight forward, so I'm guessing her character just went insane because of the circumstances and -b.
  18. Always enjoy the Pitch Meetings from Screen Rant, by and large they're hilarious, and often times accurate in that arm-chair quarterback sort of way. -b.
  19. Or, people just like what they like. While my impression of Eternals is mixed, I don't begrudge anyone who feels strongly in one way or the other. -b.
  20. Definitely didn't mean it that way, I thought Shang-Chi was outstanding and I though Black Widow was terrible. Eternals was just different...I like that it felt more mature thematically , the story was just, messy. For my .02 it fits squarely in between the other two movies on a scale of "good" to "bad". Can't quiet put my finger on how to articulate all of my thoughts specific to Eternals. -b.
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