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  1. Noel! Welcome to the party! That's right, Hikaru colors for the win. -b.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one lol We will however have to back away of this thread cautiously, the 30 is beloved by many. -b.
  3. Don't regret selling mine one bit, never really cared for the design and the toy wasn't executed that well to begin with. -b.
  4. Yeah, the Pitch Meetings are always freaking hilarious. But definitely spoilery "...barely an inconvenience" LMAO -b.
  5. My showing was packed, 12:40 PM on a Friday. While everyone was masked, and I'm fully vaccinated I was annoyed to see no more social distancing. That's my biggest gripe, most of the action/fights were as grounded as they could be for a Marvel movie. The fight scenes weren't gritty per say, but they weren't comic book over the top like the final showdown was. Interesting. I'm not Chinese so I can't relate to the cultural implications of what it's like growing up in a Chinese American household where parents/grandparents have one set of ideas/principles and kids/grandkids have another having grown up in the states. But the movie very much centered around parents and the legacy they leave, and expectations they have for their children. Shang Chi being THE main character with this theme. In any event, I feel she plays the same character in every movie I've seen with her in it, but she didn't distract or ruin the movie nor did she pull me out the scenes she was in. Just kind of this side-kick, maybe something more in future-installments kind of character. -b.
  6. Surprised to see this thread so quiet, went to see Shang-Chi earlier today and thought it was absolutely fantastic. Easily in my top 3-5 MCU films behind Endgame, The Winter Soldier. Even Awkwafina who I find to be generally annoying in everything I've seen her in didn't bother me. Don't get me wrong, she was still very much Awkwafina, but her character was relatively likable and the movie did not suffer at all from her being in it. Hell, I even rooted for her in a few instances. The first two thirds of this movie were just really, really good. The third act was good too but the climax went full Marvel with the CGI - something that felt extraneous when compared to the rest of the movie. A minor critique at best. Great action/fight choreography, strong emotional arcs, GREAT cameos, good humor, solid soundtrack and it left me wanting more. If I can find the time I want to see this in the theatre again. -b.
  7. TAKE MY MONEY! *edit, if they release a Luke from the final episode of Season 2 I will absolutely lose it (in a good way) *2nd Edit - links from Tamashii Mandalorian; https://tamashii.jp/item/13709/ Boba Fett; https://tamashii.jp/item/13708/ -b.
  8. Sweet! I haven't opened my re-issue KB yet (from Hobby Search), I don't have any place to display it. And I've still got one at HLJ that I haven't shipped yet. I get from your feedback that it's a pretty solid release, is there anything in particular you really like, or you're annoyed with? -b.
  9. So I'm not that adept at using specialized proxies like others are (I know it's not rocket science, I'm just too lazy to deal with much besides "click and order"). I typically just order from the sites that have listings up for the stuff that I want, or I wait until after release and stalk the usual sites like Mandarake. -b.
  10. Not sure if it's exactly TWE, but an event exclusive that will be available online because of COVID. Those that know more about this stuff can probably explain it better than I can. The same thing happens to me with Tamashii links. I have to click into them twice before I can view the actual pages sometimes. Here's the overall event page; https://tamashii.jp/special/tamashii_nation/ Here's the page to the Metal Build; https://tamashii.jp/special/tamashii_nation/items/06.html -b.
  11. Yep, my first choice - Big in Japan was already sold out yesterday when I looked. Hobby Genki was one of (3) stores I recognized by name that had listings, also sold out. I'm not sure when either of those listings went live. -b.
  12. Felt the same way and spent plus $400 including shipping. Not happy about the hit to the wallet, but I am happy to get this into my collection (or will be once it arrives safely 😅). I was wondering that myself David! Thanks Noel, its kind of hard to keep up with these releases sometimes lol. -b.
  13. Yes! Rock on, live your truth ! Obi Wan and Vader's fight scene was very entertaining at least. This about sums up all of the issues with the Sequel Trilogy. Hopefully future stories will help flesh these out in the same way The Clone Wars, Rebels, The Bad Batch, The Mandalorian etc. has done for the OT and PT. X number of years later I still don't know if I actually enjoyed Solo or not. It was fun for an adventure flick and Lando was fantastic but so many of the other elements from the film, like how Solo got his name were just...ugh. -b.
  14. Well then I guess it depends on what circle of the fandom one travels in. Just like what the fandom thinks, what the professionals and YouTubers think doesn't much influence whether or not I like, or dislike a movie. I keep my own council and with that, my opinion is my own and is just as valid as anyone else's. Again, depends on what circles one travels. And the discussion can quickly devolve into "true fans" vs. "casual or not true fans" and all of that which I'm hoping to avoid. I am however very happy to be the first person to say that they praise The Rise of Skywalker, that you remember (), but people have chimed in even among the chorus of "it sucked" here on the forums. But like me they probably quickly realized it's a fools errand to try and have a conversation about what you like around these parts, SW or otherwise. It's just not worth the trouble which is kind of a bummer. But come on, awkward acting and terrible dialogue are hardly superficial problems as it relates to cinema - I mean, that's exactly the point of movies. Acting out well constructed sentences, otherwise it might as well have been a book. One final point re: the prequels, three movies that turned the big bad Darth Vader into an intergalactic moron. I mean, Palpatine played him like a fiddle with the dumbest plot ever. The prequels as a whole had few redeeming qualities, Obi Wan, how the Clones evolved in later media, John Williams's score, the lightsaber battles and it gets the benefit of having a cohesive, but really stupid plot across 3 terribly acted (save Ewan's performance), directed and scripted movies. But, my opinion. So y'all like your laughingstock, and I'll like mine. Pretty sure no opinions are going to get changed regarding these particular movies no matter what points and counterpoints we make. I do however think that The Mandalorian is universally liked, so that's a small victory for all Star Wars fans. Cheers! -b.
  15. 😁 Well, I enjoyed the Sequel Trilogy, I have gripes with them for sure. The greatest of which is the lack of an overall plan for the trilogy which truly led to the biggest misses from a story and character development perspective. That said I very much enjoyed TFA and RoS and I didn't hate TLJ. For what they are that is, Star Wars has never been high cinema, they're popcorn movies. Besides the Prequels suck, suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccck. Besides Obi Wan and the spin-off animated series that is. These memes and "that" subject though, just hilarious on so many levels. -b.
  16. This movie was so much fun, it was James Gunn unleashed. Didn't know most of the characters but it didn't matter, they played very well off of each other and the 'weirdness' just worked. I feel like Gunn used this movie as some sort of catharsis from his ordeal over at Marvel being fired/re-hired. -b.
  17. They're not likely to carry it, generally speaking they carry more TWE items than regular releases. Especially for Macross DX Chogokin items. -b.
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