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  1. That's actually a pretty sound plan, I wish I had the patience for that sort of thing. I'm ready to time travel through the long holiday weekend and get to Wed already! -b.
  2. Fine, fine - at least a reissue (with new or preferably less markings 😁). There's always hope... -b.
  3. While I enjoyed WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and care more about Wanda, Vision, Captain Sam and Bucky more as characters than I do Loki (who isn't a terrible character, I just like the others more) - I'm enjoying Loki SO much more. As long as they don't mess up the ending I can't wait to watch the series again. And I also like Sylvie as a character, she's as interesting in not more so as Loki is...IMO. -b.
  4. By the time this comes out it'll be time for a DX Renewal YF-19 😅 -b.
  5. When this first came out, I watched the first couple of episodes and the production values felt cheap. Even for network television standards. Plus even with the changes from the books none of the characters were likable, at all. That's all I needed to be put off from it. -b.
  6. Love that diagram, I've watched all of the Halloween movies having fallen in love with the original Halloween 1 and 2, but never really bothered to make sense of the continuity because of how messed up it'd become. Halloween II (1981) might be worth a watch if you have 90 ish minutes to kill one day. 🤣 - Still, infinitely easier than trying to keep them all straight by memory (for anyone that may have seen them all, or for anyone trying to understand the continuity). -b.
  7. Thank you! Very smooth transaction with @Reni -b.
  8. Interesting choices...loved Beast Wars when it was on TV so I'm excited to see them make the leap to the big screen. If they give Bee his voice back that'd be an automatic win in my book -b.
  9. Yeah...suuupppper questionable plot/story beat right there. The part of the movie directly before that and just leading up to the climax are the weakest part of both films. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't ruin the movie, but for me was a real head scratcher on why Krasinski would go in that direction (no pun intended). -b.
  10. Thought this movie was fantastic and a very worthy sequel to the first. While the emotional stakes felt different, they were still firmly rooted in the concept of family and keeping them safe. The main difference was about the growth of the older kids and what they go through in this movie. Some questionable plot beats; Can't wait for more! -b.
  11. Honestly I hope that she's exactly who she appears to be. Besides there's no need to keep doing twisty-turny, who's the big bad in these series - WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier already did that. Plus episode 2 established that there are Loki variants that range in all shapes and sizes, so just let it ride. Let some things be as obvious as they appear to be and let the real surprises come with other parts of the story. Like the Time Keepers true origins and/or motives, Judge R, the eventual reveal of , etc. -b.
  12. Adding @jorawar_b - super easy to work with great communication and now the proud owner of a new Sentinel Legioss Thank you again!!! -b.
  13. So did anyone try to grab the Walmart exclusive Black Series Captain Rex? And if so, does anyone have an extra they want to sell? -b.
  14. Thank you @SoLoBoY ! The great communication certainly goes both ways and I hope you enjoy your new figure! -b.
  15. Thanks for the sanity check! Even as a kid that was always my biggest beef with cartoons, the inconsistent quality of animation and the toys that didn't do the things they did in the cartoons (will blame some of that on the really crazy expectations I had). This, really surprised to see these being made at all. While I wasn't clamoring for Silverhawks toys, hopefully this means that someone will get around to stuff I'd really be excited about, like Galaxy Rangers. And with a year wait, I have a looooonnnnngggg time to decide if I want to invest in a few figures or not. -b.
  16. Yep. Can't believe it's been almost 10 years, and looking at The Avengers costume designs compared to Avengers: Endgame - crazy. -b.
  17. Cartoons in the 80's really had some of the coolest openings. A little bait and switch with the animation since that was often so much better than the cartoon themselves. At least, that's what my nostalgia-vision tells me. -b.
  18. Was thinking the exact same thing, the Bandai SHF TECH ON Avengers are extremely reminiscent of Sentinel's Fighting Armor line. Iron Man looks okay (not sure about the head) but I am not a fan of the non-armor characters getting the armor treatment. Just looks a little off to me. --- Does anyone know if US based stores will be carrying the Hawkeye and Black Widow from the Avengers lineup? -b.
  19. Bump - Original sale posted has been updated with 100% more pictures -b.
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