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  1. Be aware that the newly offered 1/6 cockpits do not include the digital sound system; hence the cheaper price.
  2. Looking for a set of the DX VF-1 Missle Set. LMK if you have an extra set you don’t need.
  3. Price has been updated to $60 + $10 shipping. These are my last few pieces...
  4. If a group buy could happen, I'd be interested to join the group for pickup at SD Con.
  5. I believe this was Twin Moons. It's been so long... hard to remember.
  6. I found a few extras in my storage. Wanna trade? Haha! =)
  7. I still have a few of these left. Get them before they're all gone!
  8. This RARE version of Minmei / Minmay shows her in her "Do You Remember Love" concert dress from the ending of Macross DYRL. Statue is 7" tall. These were made @ 15 years ago. I found a small stash of these while cleaning out my storage. All items are case fresh new. Get them while they last. * Price Drop - item is now $60. Buyer pays shipping of $10. Shipping in Continental USA only, no Int'l shipping. Please PM me directly. PP only.
  9. This is an unlicensed 8" figure distributed by Twin Moons Anime. It came out in the early 2000's. Sold in a white box & styrofoam, no art work.
  10. I'm looking for some old school 1/55 Bandai Valkyrie/Jetfire parts; specifically a Valk left hand & a "backplate hinge" (the part that folds open to let the head come through the back plate during transformation). I don't mind if they are yellowed; as long as they're not broken. LMK if you have these parts for sale.
  11. Anyone have any Macross 1/48 TV hands for sale. (the rounded pre-posed hands, not the "chicken hands") LMK. Thanks.
  12. I would ask you to sell me yours, but no way would I ever pay that kind of price. PM me if you really do want to sell, but don't expect anything ridiculous.
  13. Destroid Defender cel also belongs to me... hehe!
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