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  1. Just a heads up for those who missed out on the VF-31A Hasegawa fighter, HobbySearch just sent me a payment request for my reservation of the re-release. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10472150
  2. I noticed that the other day when I went to check on it. In my disappointment I ended up ordering the Isamu '19 and the '31J because; sale. I didn't think I could live with the emptiness.
  3. Phew, glad I signed up for notification. I was going to bite the bullet and buy from an ebay scalper.
  4. Maniacal laughter ensues. @UN_MARINE Great work on the Robotjox mecha. It is positively cool.
  5. This has me excited, but the inevitable late release always gets me down! Not that it matters, it'll sit in my unbuilt pile with the 1,000s of other kits until I get myself a decent work area etc.
  6. That's fantastic that you could post the order. It was not what I was imagining, to be sure. I typically collect one of each kit from each manufacturer per variant. I'm falling behind a bit as I have been shy about spending due to other hobbies emerging and taking over the cashflow! It is nice to have a Bandai for battroid display and a Hasegawa fighter alongside. They are released so far apart (relatively) that it makes it hard to organise my purchases, nevermind coordinate building and painting.
  7. Yes, am talking about model kits. I'm just saying the listed are ones I want/need and the J is already in my possession. As long as they release it I will be happy. We've seen a lot of gripes about the decals. I might try to create an alternate set using vector and print on paper here at home. If successful, how many of you would be interested in using them?
  8. I think we disconnected at some point, I was asking about the 1/72 Bandai model kits and I assume you are talking 1/60 toys? If Bandai sells sacks of rabies with a VF-171 kit then I will buy all the rabies. Hopefully, the A makes an appearance as does the E. A,E,J,S are on my hit list for probable releases, and this is only 1/4 realized currently with two J kits in hand.
  9. I bought a pair of "J's" I think, for obligatory fighter and Battroid side by side posing. It would be incredible to have the A and E now that I am aware of the latter's ECM/EWS dish. All other variants preceding these two are pretty similar except for head versions right? Would it be reasonable to assume Bandai is "milking" the commonality in these kits before expanding into the E and A? Does anyone remember the release order of the VF-25 versions and their subsequent super, tornado and armoured kits? Maybe that is the best evidence.
  10. Cheers @Sanity is Optional, Hopefully Bandai do one.
  11. Has Bandai done the VF-31A yet? Or any release plans? Sorry, I don't have the time to comb the threads any more with two small kids.
  12. It was news to me, and beats the crap out of paying scalper fees for 20 piece wonderfest exclusives. After doing some more reading: If they weren't so limited to begin with then I would have a problem with it. But when the original GK producer is not putting kits up for sale there is a natural vacuum. I filled it with money. I don't feel bad. Where can I buy your kits?
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