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  1. Yes, Tenjin Hidetaka is behind these boxarts.
  2. Boxart for the Dullahans' VF-19A is out!
  3. ... and the boxart for the SVT-27's VF-11D is out!
  4. Old news, I know, but below is HLJ's link for the VFMF VF-1S Roy Focker Special https://www.hlj.com/variable-fighter-master-file-vf-1s-roy-focker-special-sof60529
  5. Pre-ordered @ HLJ !!. No second thoughts required !
  6. Confirmed: VF-31S on Mikumo's livery expected to be issued on February 19th. Details on this one as follows: ... and for the 1:48-scale lovers, the Max/Milia's VF-1J re-issue should be re-issued on February 7th. Well, with this VF-31 series on Walkure's colors concluded, my hopes for new, fresh designs starts getting high for March.
  7. You, me and a lot of other fellows over here are in love with the -19 !! It was a great explanation what you gave here, btw. Hasegawa should be taking notes. I'd join you on the shopping spree for -19 variants as well.
  8. Hasegawa's announcement for January's production just came out. No new Macross items to pre-order though. The VF-0A/S w/ ghost and the SV-51 w/ Twinboosters will be -reissued and out on January 20th / 23rd.
  9. Box art for the VF-31S is officially out !
  10. At last !!!!!. I've been waiting for this one and it finally shows up !. Release date: October 18th.
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