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  1. Working for me, but it's really, really slow. I'll be seeding it for a while once I get it completed.
  2. Wow. Looks totally like DYRL.
  3. Why am I the only one voting for picket?!?
  4. It's always great to watch your wips, pretty much as good as actually owning the kits, as I have more than enough already
  5. Space satan??? Now THAT I would really want to see.
  6. Ah, why not make it the usual 4, Baxo!?!
  7. No Problem. We just make the monster bigger. Just like in Spinal Tap: it goes to eleven.
  8. Looks really great. Kick ass weathering.
  9. Pictures? I have a Club-M one in my stash, but I'm not going to sell it for now at least.
  10. Total Recall already is an exceptionally good Schwarzenegger film. No need for a remake.
  11. I have a feeling this will be the ultimate drop-your-jaw-on-the-floor thread.
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