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  1. Oh I know. Hopefully it's a little less, hopefully. Just that with that money I'd rather get the S than the D. Not both..
  2. Same here. I held off waiting for the rerelease and here it is. Even held off the 0D too.. too expensive for me. Been wanting one for a looonngg time now.
  3. The 0S. Yesss. Finally. Gonna grab one. That was earlier than expected too.
  4. Depends on what shop you buy it from. Certain retailers have options to pay now or later. Some is either or only.
  5. Ahh the 4G so pretty in Fighter... but so, so expensive..
  6. Considering how HLJ had it open for a few minutes and it was limited to 1 per customer, highly likely they will. True Macross spirit right there. And here I was just about to say I was surprised that NY's price was lowest amongst all. Guess NY will just be NY lol.
  7. Wait for NY. They usually come through. Also possible that orders might open in the future nearer to release. Always been that way. Same thing with the 25S with CDJ. Also glad this was more painless than the 25S.
  8. My order email showed 21,840.
  9. Got order confirmation in my account page too. Back to gaming! Congrats on those who got one. For those who didn't, CDJ is still open. :lol: same here. I just blitzed through the order process without looking at the price.
  10. Awesome Yeah. I agree. I held back CDJ cause of high shipping prices. Luckily got it with HLJ. Nothing from NY and hobbysearch seems to take forever to load the search page. lol.
  11. Probably processing it. The email comes first, the open orders takes awhile.
  12. Got email confirmation from HLJ too.
  13. HLJ's gone, CDJ still up. Go get em people.
  14. Lol. So many people on this topic. Good luck everyone.
  15. I think he means to say that he'll decide only if he sees the gears and if they're good but we haven't seen anything about them yet.
  16. Awesome fleet. You could have just used the shelf to make a flight deck for all them Frontier goodness.
  17. Probably cause it's a Frontier valk and not exactly the old 19 in Plus. Well, sort of.
  18. The gaps on that leg area don't look that bad to me. I'm fine with it. That pilot looks good too. Seems better than most of their current pilots. Also, love the amount of tampo.
  19. Nice. Where did you get one? I keep trying to grab a reasonably priced one off Mandarake but I keep missing it..
  20. Just to see the gear colour or is there some other concern?
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