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  1. Yes, the idea was to compare just proportions, not size, but I can tell you the Bandai one is going to be fairly shorter than the Yamato one, which would make the arms and cockpit even tinier, LOL! On the other side, both should be of around the same length in fighter mode, the DX owing a lot to the longer legs.
  2. The shin has always been retractable, I can't see why it would be a problem nor how it wold affect the fighter mode.
  3. I think it's worse than just the gap. IMO the whole assembly looks odd and lineart inaccurate. I hope this is one of the places to be revised by the sculptor.
  4. IMO line-art accuracy is what takes most of the "good engineering" with these pre-CAD valks.
  5. Longer legs = Shorter nose cone Fatter legs = Fatter arse. No logical reason = tiny arms and hands and extremely line art inaccurate belly plates. Decisions, decisions...
  6. Here we go guys. Please excuse the low resolution of the new pic, I didn't have anything sharper. Proportions of the actual side profile do look better. Please notice that just like in the previous pics I've closed the gap between the belly plate and the mid body.
  7. I've got that picture, but it still needs some edition. It really only looks a tiny little better, the nose cone is definitely shorter because of the longer legs.
  8. After the cool comparison pics @valharyposted, I've been fiddling around with some other photos and Photoshop and came up with these ones for you guys to enjoy... More pics to come later... Credits to @valhary, @jenius (Anymoon.com), @Actar and MMM.
  9. Apparently with a subtle difference. For what I can see, they won't be using glossy plastic anymore...
  10. 続いて企画担当からはついにお披露目された「DX超合金 YF-21」についても語られました。「DX超合金 YF-21」は現在、河森正治氏監督の監修をいただきながら絶賛開発中。何度か試作を重ねており既に“Ver.4”とも言える段階ですが、発売は未定。「来年には皆様に発表できるといいのですが……」とのこと。 Next, the planning staff also talked about “DX Chogokin YF-21” that was finally unveiled.“DX Chogokin YF-21” is currently under development with supervision by Mr. Shoji Kawamori. It has been prototyped several times and is already at the stage of “Ver.4”, but the release is undecided. “I hope to be able to announce it to everyone next year ...”. SOURCE
  11. Just got the replacements from Nippon-Yasan today.
  12. Thanks for the comparison pics Valhary. While I kind of agree that the DX version looks overall better in Batroid mode, I think I actually prefer the higher position of the back pack, the bigger arms & hands and the longer belly plates kibble of the Yamato version.
  13. Muy bueno! Se ve muy bien, felicitaciones! Y gracias por compartir!!!
  14. Reïvaj

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Those are some beautiful pics as usual, Saburo, thanks for sharing!
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