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  1. Hi, im new in the forum relatively, this is mi first post and i would like ask for help for a max vf-1a 1/48 yamato. I don´t know if is posible to find some replacement parts for this figure. a couple of years ago i changed of house and mi valk has broken because of this. I haven't enough money to buy some similar figure to replace it and in my country is impossible find some replacement parts. both knees are broke (left and right), the bolt articulations to (left and right). and I lost the head valk as well. this valk was a gift from my parents and its the only 1/48 that i have, (i have only 3 macross figures, this is one of those), i don't wanna sell it. i need to know if is possible to find some way to repair it. Thanks. PD: please, apologize my english, thanks.
  2. Para quienes no sepan, se acaba de liberar otro comunicado sobre la "liberación de macross" en occidente, parte de ese comunicado dice lo siguiente. "Bigwest Begins Global Release of Animation “Macross” Series from April 9" "Bigwest Co., Ltd. has announced the release of all works that are part of the “Macross” franchise made after 1987 to a worldwide audience from April 9, 2021. This not only includes the “Macross Delta” film currently in production, but all new material that follows it as well. This is not limited to anime titles, but also includes games, toys, live performances and other content and merchandising as well. The company has prepared an official YouTube channel as well as a Twitter account for its fans." El comunicado dice que se lanzarán al resto del mundo todas las series de macross post 1987, eso quiere decir que macross do you remember love y la serie de TV no se lanzarán? aunque ya hicieron un streaming de flashback 2012 (1987). La verdad, estoy bastante confundido y espero esto no incluya a las figuras DX VF-1, ojalá estas figuras también sean lanzadas en occidente.
  3. Lo que NO me gustaría ver es una especie de "Robotech frontier" o "Robotech plus" o algo así. ojalá y no suceda.
  4. Espero esto no se quede en el olvido y veamos en algun mediano o corto plazo algo de macross para occidente, sin embargo, tengo una duda en particular de lo que sería el merchandising de macross, ¿hay algo que diga que estas cosas llegaran también aparte de las series? me refiero a que si los dx chogokin llegarán, por ejemplo, a las tiendas de Geekz (distribuidor oficial de tamashii nations bandai en chile) y ya no tendremos la necesidad de tener que contactar con tiendas de japon y etc.
  5. Hola, tengo una pregunta ¿como puedo vender un articulo?, he estado buscando alguna sección de ventas pero no he encontrado nada, para vender tengo que crear un topico, como lo hizo usted? Saludos.
  6. hello macross world friends. I am "new" in this forum (actually, I signed up in August of last year but, I have not participated since then) and I would like to ask the following, does anyone know of a painting that is as close as possible to the "grey white" of the yamato figures (1/60 2.0 and 1/48 movie ver)? Well, I have some spare parts that I need to paint and I still can't find a specific type of paint that can resemble as much as possible the matte color of the white Yamato plastics. thanks for your answers.
  7. I want a vf-1s Apollo leader version, will be great if Bandai sale it.
  8. thanks. i asked this because i have gotten a vf-25f renewal and i had bad experience with this figure. i want buy a vf-1 of bandai but i really scared that something is broken. because apparently bandai does not sell spare parts.
  9. I got it. sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. haha thanks, it is my first time in a forum so there are things that I still do not know very well, I would like to know how good or resistant is the plastic of this bandai figure?, A comparison of the Yamato Arcadia 1/60 and 1/48 scale.
  11. Hi. I'm new to the forum and I don't know where to introduce myself properly (I'm sorry for that) since I was 15 I was immersed in the macross universe since I saw macross the movie. and I'm very interested in learning more about this universe and sharing this hobby with others. greetings from Chile.
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