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  1. Dang, didn't know a Zeta Plus could make a valk this nice! Regarding transforming mecha in Gundam, I usually found them pretty odd tbh. The best looking plane modes for me were always the Zeta Plus series and the Airmaster from X (which is one of my favorite alternate universes).
  2. Hope the Bioroid succeeds Cap, you're literally the first one to do anything related to the mecha of Southern Cross. The Spartas kinda had a release as part of the R. toyline by Matchbox but damn did it suffer for the lack of a hovercraft mode. (And yes even though I didn't watch SDC I researched the mecha, I always do that before I watch a show) A full hovercraft -> cannon -> robot transforming Spartas would be an absolute blessing, I love that design.
  3. Hey, this looks pretty dang good considering Southern Cross rarely gets any love! (BTW, how's the anime? Heard it had a ton of production issues but the concept of a girl trio is very interesting) Could we expect anything else after the Heme-o-roid? A fully transforming Spartas maybe? A Logan? Or maybe the space chopper?
  4. Hopefully not. The Netflix movie needs to be a brand new universe period. No chance of ruining existing characters and they can still recycle ideas from previous Gundam universes. Hell, Sunrise does it all the time with their alternate universes.
  5. I agree about the mukokuseki point, but I simply do not like the name of a pre-established character being attached to a character that was race or gender flipped. (Maybe if it was a small nod like having the same surname or nickname but otherwise being a different character - I'd be okay, but what Netflix does is a big no-no in my book.) This is particularly noticeable in the cases of "remakes". It simply hurts when you are attached to the original version of the character and then that happens. That's why I have always advocated for original characters rather than piggybacking off nostalgia and then stabbing the audience in the back. But alas, most of the present day writers are hacks and I do not think they will be able to come up with a competent story.
  6. Well as long as R gets releases it means HG gets royalties. Apparently there will be 2 discs that will have OG Macross on it, and if nothing else we will also get the very first release of SDC Southern Cross on BluRay anywhere in the world, because even the Japanese forgot about it.
  7. Very much not a fan of this, especially given it's Netflix doing it. The only excuseable variant would be to do a completely separate alternate universe because there simply is no way to adapt 0079 without losing something. And the constant pointless gender and race flips are hideous. Make your own female/black/Asian characters for goodness' sake, don't piggyback off established characters!
  8. Well Sharon Apple is kind of a VTuber as well, considering that Myung also does the mocap for her...
  9. Where do you think Macross can go next after the second Delta movie hits theaters? What can Shoji Kawamori even tackle in a future story? I mean the entire question why music carries such power has been answered in full thanks to the fold receptor concept tying everything we previously knew, and the Protoculture will almost certainly remain a complete mystery. For me personally, I'd like the next protagonists to be complete music haters, for the story to feel far more inclined towards the mecha like how Delta leaned towards the idol side. The music naturally would need to be there, but I'd rather another SDF arrangement, where music becomes important roughly halfway through the series rather than from the start like 7, Frontier and Delta were. Preferably do something like a major "opening up" arc where the protagonist realizes his bullheadedness towards song. Adress the question of the New UN and the growing corruption. If it is in a reasonable timespan, bring back Berger and Epsilon. I want that fella's motivations cleared up beyond the usual "war brings profit" stuff I've seen all too many times in fiction. Like why is he even interested in Protoculture stuff anyways?
  10. Exactly. Even I, a non-engineer, know that much. You go for commonality and easy replacement. Now what is really baffling is the fact we know the Zentraedi actually knew next-to-nothing about mechanics besides operating their spaceships and power suits. Hell, the small enclosed room Britai used for the first two thirds of SDF never got repaired after the big breakout of Hikaru and co. So either the earlier Zentraedi actually knew about mechanics, designed every single pod and forgot about them, or the factory satellites run off pre-existing Protoculture blueprints the Zentraedi never bothered to examine.
  11. Completely agree, though I guess the VF-11's presence didn't really become tiresome because it was introduced in the long time span between SDF and Plus, so by the time of 7 it was already reaching it's end of service in the NUNS. Frontier and Delta are, on the other hand, separated by just 8 years of time so it was kinda expected for the NUNS to keep using the 171 (hell, to once again reiterate on the "workhorse" parallels with the F-16, that sucker is approaching 50 years in service and there has been yet another avionics upgrade recently in the form of the block 70/72). From a variety standpoint however... Delta is severely lacking. We only got, what, the Kairos, the Siegfried variants which all are essentially the same fighter (because of the exchangeable modules thing) and the SV-262. We even didn't get the Svärd model from that one flashback photo in Battroid form.
  12. Punctual and informative as always. Thanks! Now I honestly hope that the next Macross series (because let's face it, there will be at least one this decade) gives something new to the NUNS 'cause the VF-171 has been already used for two series straight and it's starting to feel boring with it as the main "redshirt" variable fighter. I know it's supposed to be a cheap export workhorse mecha (kinda like how the F-16 is a cheap export workhorse fighter in real life) but for gods' sake, at least give them the EX variant if nothing else.
  13. Me again, this time with a Delta related question. To which variant do the VF-171s seen there belong? They have the colors of the EX from Frontier yet they couldn't be the EX because they don't have MDE compatibility. I've heard something about a "Block III" which is essentially the EX engine and avionics update but without MDE or EX-Gear compatibility... could these NUNS VF-171s actually be Block IIIs rather than the older Block IIs we see in Frontier?
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