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  1. The head sculpt looks decent but the fingerless gloves and assault rifle look strangely "glossy" to me. Did they look that way in the movie? The again, its probably a prototype for show and tell, so they'll likely fix it up in the actual figure.
  2. Satanya totally stole the show. Definitely in for a second season if they make one.
  3. Hot Toys is probably too busy with its Marvel movie licenses. Besides, HT is really bad when it comes to rubberized suits. If they made a thermoptic version fig, be prepared for possible chemical reactions or even plain old dry rot. As for the movie itself, just going to wait for my local cable tv network to air it. The reviews dont sound promising enough to warrant the price of a ticket.
  4. Ditto. I've only bought 2 valks since Yamato's demise and have pretty much switched to throwing my money at Hot Toys' Iron Man line. Frankly, its a combination of franchise fatigue and crazy prices. MacPlus is honestly the only macross (mini)series i really liked anyway, which was the only reason i put down almost 300 usd for a vf-29 isamu custom. As for the queston of whether its worth it...only if i really like the anime itself.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, Major! Nice to see that HT is actually including the bust with this new one. Not that I can afford it though, what with 2 expensive pre-orders lined up already. On a related note, I noticed that once again, they either didn't bother or just forgot to include the left forearm with the "rings" on them--the one used to trap the Hulk's arm. At the price they're asking for, an extra swappable forearm isn't that much to ask for, especially given the HB's rather sparse accessories.
  6. To be honest, I'm not a fan of the "Batfleck" suit's aesthetic--just something about the texture that I don't like. But then, I haven't watched BvS, so I might well change my mind after watching it. That said, this Knightmare fig is something I might actually put down some money for if it weren't a toy fair exclusive. IMO the Mark 27's colors are just fugly. I personally think the Stealth Armor has the best color scheme of all the MK.VII repaints.
  7. Truth be told, I'm also tempted to order Cap, if only to pose him fighting Tony in his Mark 46 suit. Thing is, I'd then have to get the Winter Soldier as well if and when that comes out, and I literally can't afford to open that can of Pringles. These IM suits are already brutal enough to my wallet as it is. Believe it or not, I held out on buying an Iron Man fig for 8 whole years since HT released the first MK.III, knowing it's basically collector's quicksand. I hate being right, in this particular case.
  8. D'oh, didn't notice that! In that case, the only advantage this one has over this first version is if you already have the Mark 43. Actually, this new gimmick kind of works against itself, seeing as you're now left without a separate Mark 43 to display when you've got it "Russian dolled" into the Hulkbuster. In that sense, the first version HB gives more bang for your buck. I was never into Captain America, but that is one awesome fig.
  9. Glad to see Kawai Kenji there. Not sure how much hands-on influence he has in the film production, but I really liked the Shinto-inspired music in the Oshii movies; it'd be nice to hear more of that in the live-action movie.
  10. This cannot be good for my wallet's health. Actually, it's probably financial cyanide. Definitely too rich for my blood, sadly--already preordered the MK.I War Machine and the CA Civil War MK. 46. But for those who can spare the cash, it's a good opportunity to get the mark 43 as well if they missed it.
  11. The problem with Cersei is that she's not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. She's got some of the signature Lannister cunning, but not a lot, which makes for a very dangerous cocktail. Every apparent victory she gains just feeds her ego and overconfidence. It'll only sets her up for a longer fall, the higher she climbs.
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