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  • no3Ljm changed the title to Bandai DX VF-1A ANGELBIRDS [TWE]
25 minutes ago, Shawn said:

Is this the preorder where it opens and closes in seconds being sold out, or is it the put in your web order here and we will send you 5 if you ask for 5 like the original fast packs were done



21 minutes ago, Miles_Wolf said:


Yeah I would like if this is one of those preorders that go out hyperfast or will it be available at other webs?

And yes, I would had prefered for these the hi-metal scale. 

The latter (though once their allocation limit is reached, it will close). The only catch is that you need to pay for it upfront.

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2 minutes ago, Miles_Wolf said:

Is this website legit to preorder this figure? Anyone who has bought anything there?

Yes. BigInJapan is a legit site. Bought some P-Bandai items few years ago. What I hear here lately is that they do charge shipping cost higher than others.


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Yeahh really wished they would have done this in HMR instead. That would be perfect scale to get the whole squad.

On positive note, we might see the Yamato 1/60 Angel Birds secondary prices to finally come down a bit.

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2 hours ago, Chronocidal said:

Just going to grab a single, they just popped up on Anime Export.  I'm actually really happy for the conversion rate right now, it came out under $190, which I think is the cheapest DX VF-1 I've gotten so far. ^_^ 

For those in the USA, what's looking to be the least expensive after shipping? I assume there's no way around Bandai not shipping to the US on this if you can't see it normally, yeah? So, BIJ, AE, etc...what's going to hurt least? :)

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