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  1. i wonder why they never revisited the vt-1
  2. yamato 1/60 destroids would go nicely in the middle squares
  3. nice. just need to have a 19 with no fast packs for variety
  4. I've always felt that the GBP goes with the S & J more than the smaller A head
  5. ya, at least release undone paint schemes of the vf
  6. good thin that the 51 issue didn't break arcadia
  7. Archienov- Awesome paint scheme. Just wondering, if you are having it commissioned already, why not just have the paint scheme changed as well?
  8. I have that same set and have used the pack with the brown 25. I wish they would have just made generic colored fast packs
  9. the VF-1, VF-0 & VF-25. simply because they have the commonality of parts you can slap on-- GBP, super parts,.......
  10. ive been looking for the sound booster for the longest time.
  11. hurry up already with the Ostrich
  12. I was in japan for the holidays last week. I was in the Nakano Broadway area and was able to get a V2 1/60 VF-1A (loose with no box, missiles or gun) for $25 and wandered into a pre-owned cellphone/ipad store and got a very good price on a 2018 mac mini.
  13. anything they do at this point is a gamble for them. at their pace now, bandai seems to be encroaching all their lines
  14. Arcadia should just release every VF-1 livery/variant/color scheme at a lower price. & It would be cool if they redo the 1/48 with the promise of what the DX should have had. Opening panels / internals that can be seen or LED lights.
  15. i wonder why they are holding back on the ostrich.
  16. arrow

    Bandai DX VF-31

    finally got a VF-31, fun valk. now I know why the 31 thread is so long.
  17. another paint livery to the vf 1/60 is always good.
  18. release the rest of the 1/60 (and the obscure tv paint variants) already. why bother keeping those releases on reserve.
  19. will it have anything different? like opening panels to see the VF interiors
  20. they should have done a custom head. especially since the last anniversary one was a 1j
  21. i wonder how massive the box will be whenever they come out with the plane and the armor
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