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  1. jenius- when are you adding the review up?
  2. that's the reason I bought an alto version instead even though I was so so with the color. But they should just offer a bundle with the fixes and armor parts for people who like the color scheme.
  3. I find it odd that Mandarake doesn't adjust prices for items that have been sitting there for months because the price is sky high.
  4. Which scale is more accurate? I was just comparing my vf-17 & vf-19 with the vf-25 and cockpits are different.
  5. I really like your display. I'm starting to reconsider my personal stance against buying multiples.
  6. Haha. No. It was in a local shop and I was considering getting it for my VF-19
  7. Does the fold pack of the old Yamato YF-19 fit on the VF?
  8. the YF-25 has a different canopy than the regular VF? I can't tell from the photos
  9. Been waiting for the SO as well. I hope they don't loose steam on the other re-issues.
  10. wow, the details look good for the size.
  11. Damn those pics. I want one now. What's the cheapest that a YF29 (any paint scheme) has gone ?
  12. Your probably going to gun for all VF eventually like everyone else. Why not the VF-19 or VF-17 that you haven't mentioned?
  13. I've gotten a few things from them before. It's just annoying to see something you like at a good price and can't find anything else from the same store so that you can save on shipping when buying it.
  14. after seeing the front view photos, too busy. I don't find it as enticing as a naked or fast pack valk.
  15. It's hard to say if they can or can not make money on a new destroid. They already have the bottom mold, I guess it's one of those gambles that arcadia must choose. It's disappointing for us not to have the complete set though.
  16. I've always been curious about that. Is it because they mass produced the 1/60 Arcadia/Yamato 1A?
  17. Good to know about the clear parts. Thanks.
  18. some kind of standing 1/60 pilot or mechanic figure would be a nice extra.
  19. I love the yf-25 and VF-25a. it doesn't compel you to the the quartet set of rvf, s, f and g.
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