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  1. what i'd like to see are variants like the YF25 or repaints. After having some of original in v1, getting the renewal was more of a done that been there thing for me. I love my 25A.
  2. will an ozma super pack go well with another 29? I was never a fan of color coded super packs.
  3. they should concentrate on repaints and re-issues of the other valks.
  4. since Arcadia is going all over the place with non transforming Valkyrie releases. They should take the cue and release the 1/60 standing figs of this set separately as well as other characters.
  5. ya, space is an issue because you can never just get one of them.
  6. some battle damaged version swappable parts would make a unique accessory. just like the treatment hot toys ran with for the iron man armor damaged and undamaged parts.
  7. I'm happy with my Yamato VF-19 as well. It was a strange fit my my other VF but it grows one me. I still haven't decided if I should get the booster though.
  8. my regret was probably listening to an officemate several years ago when he told me we had to check out this vf-1 reissue on sale at a store. Have never left the collecting hobby ever since. its been fun but expensive. lol
  9. I love the parts but can't make myself pay that much. It shouldn't be that much if they can make more by making it non-color coded to a valk.
  10. I already have the armor but i'm excited for this to come out. Hope they follow on with camo colored armor.
  11. I was wondering, why do the different 29 paint variants have different prices? Aside from the popularity of the pilot, does it have anything to do with how it was released?
  12. I would love to get a yf-25 but I have to prioritize the frames I don't have such as the 29 & 30
  13. Cool. I was afraid it was something as complicated as painting a base oat first and or stripping the yellow paint.
  14. I've been wanting to get a VF-17D and VF-19F but can not get myself to pay for the high prices. On the other hand, the VF-17S and VF-19S are relatively cheap. How difficult is it for a beginner to repaint the stripes white? Is it just a matter of spray painting the yellow stripes to white? thanks
  15. whats up with Arcadia? no news aside from the confirmed VF-0D
  16. I love the look. It's just like the heyday of Yamato releases with so many Valks to choose from.
  17. you gotta show us whats the boxes as well. fantastic haul.
  18. I want to get a 17F to add to my S. How much do they go for now ?
  19. I'll settle for the same size monster with thr addition of landing gear and clear windshield parts
  20. been wanting this and not. can't decide. after getting out of 1/48 scale and keeping just one and getting the macross quarter, i can't decide if I want a monster.
  21. fun collection. I'm on the fence about the VF-29 ozma color
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