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  1. My Yamato SV is one of the rare ones in my collection that I have never transformed from fighter.
  2. I lost interest in Macross after the Delta show came out. I was in Osaka for vacation and saw the Arcadia Hikaru VF-1S Strike and couldn't resist buying it.
  3. too much pics of the same, we need to see customized VF-4
  4. I'd love to have one as well. Arcadia, flood the market already with the 1/60's from Yamato mold.
  5. makes me want one now that its close to being shipped.
  6. Bandai Chogokin Space Shuttle Endeavor.
  7. I'd like more 1/60VF that don't double dip with the arcadia ones. I'd also love for them to reissue the chogokin space shuttle endeavor as well.
  8. If you like fighter mode, I would consider the Yamato VF-19 ones. When I put them beside the Bandais, they stand out more because the cockpit & pilot are larger and more defined.
  9. from your list, I would go with any of the 29.
  10. I'll probably get it if I can't find an 0D at a decent price.
  11. I wonder if the silence from Arcadia for future releases has anything to do with Bandai making similar products such as the VF-19A & hi metal VF-1J .GBP
  12. does all the 0A have the leg issue?
  13. Guilty. VF-1 and VF-25 YF-21/VF-22 trailing after that.
  14. someone should tweet that to Arcadia, about the wrong tolerance.
  15. It's hard to pick. I would say VF-22 because it looks like an F-22.
  16. Why can't Arcadia follow the re-release following the Hikaru 1S together w the Zero line.
  17. I'm still waiting for re-issues of the DYRL line.
  18. I wonder how much the pre-owned frontier toy prices will adjust when the new show comes out. I'd love to get some more pieces from frontier but can't make myself pay it.
  19. a new YF-30 (& in another color scheme) would be nice.
  20. is there an easy way to put on the super parts? I just wanted it on fighter mode and didn't want to bring it out and install it like on the vague-ish manual.
  21. I just bought a super parts for the 25G myself although that's the only 25 I don't have. I'm psyching myself to not be bothered by the colors.
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