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  1. I've gotten a few things from them before. It's just annoying to see something you like at a good price and can't find anything else from the same store so that you can save on shipping when buying it.
  2. after seeing the front view photos, too busy. I don't find it as enticing as a naked or fast pack valk.
  3. It's hard to say if they can or can not make money on a new destroid. They already have the bottom mold, I guess it's one of those gambles that arcadia must choose. It's disappointing for us not to have the complete set though.
  4. I've always been curious about that. Is it because they mass produced the 1/60 Arcadia/Yamato 1A?
  5. Good to know about the clear parts. Thanks.
  6. some kind of standing 1/60 pilot or mechanic figure would be a nice extra.
  7. I love the yf-25 and VF-25a. it doesn't compel you to the the quartet set of rvf, s, f and g.
  8. wow, thats really a limited edition in every sense of the word
  9. the reason it will be released later is probably so they can see who wins the, which color should be what, debate.
  10. I wonder why this will take jan for a release considering that the molds are there.
  11. My rvf is starting to look plain after seeing the photo of the packs and ghosts.
  12. That's a lot of parts for a mini toy.
  13. Yep. I second that. For the fast pack and stands.
  14. Looks like Arcadia is trying to sell all they can. More vf repaints!
  15. i'm glad this doesn't come with tinted cockpits. I'm not a fan of those.
  16. going back to the ugly stand. I use the stand on all my frontier since I don't have anything else. But changing it from black to clear would make it look twice as cool.
  17. I wouldn't mind if they do more bare vf. And the separate parts release. The fact that after market prices for vf are high means there is more demand.
  18. I already have the armor. I just need a reasonably priced J or S. because the armor looks off with the small head of my 4 x VF-1A.
  19. Oh. Wonderfest is next week. Fun.
  20. Saburo- your photos are one of the best. I'd like to get the tornado pack but i'm scared for the durability of my 25.
  21. I like how they show us the prototype photos. These thing take forever to get to the final production toy. They should have several works in progress VF so that we don't get impatient.
  22. They should just do the re-issues like their v1 25 gift set that comes with the fast packs.
  23. Seems like bandai is making everything under the sun for Mac frontier vehicles anyway. So no need for competition.
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