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  1. I was trying to read back the old post but couldnt find it. Does the 0A & 0S have a price yet?
  2. nice color. I'm on 2 minds at this point for collectibles. black and dark colored ones or drab military colors are great but when put on an unlit shelf, it practically disappears.
  3. it feels like aoshima and their half dozen paint variants. I wouldnt mind getting more than one if the head is different at least, like the Isamu.
  4. any news of a ps4 slim coming out?
  5. thats the reason, after having read about it before, I have never transformed mine. & im pretty good about transforming all of my macross at least once. Now I know what it feels like to have something MIB.
  6. I wouldn't mind an alternate ending with a non-somber downer ending for the last movie. although thats never going to happen.
  7. Does anyone know if thunderbirds cafe Tokyo is still open? saw this site but can not read it http://www.paselabo.tv/thunderbirds/ thanks
  8. stands as standard / standing pilot figure or crew / lower cost with several limited run color variations. or of its just one thing- multiple heads A / J / S
  9. does anyone have a pic of the blue tornado parts with the 25F or 25A? I'm thinking of grabbing one. thanks
  10. jenius- when is your review of the 0D coming out?
  11. I would save my VE-1, one of the macross that I never transformed, aside from my SV-51 and macross quarter.
  12. Mine is the V1 VF-25. It's not worth having if it can't do a decent gerwalk.
  13. 171 variants has got to be the least exciting with all of them(even the RVF-171) having the same head design.
  14. That would be sad if Arcadia leaves macross. I wonder if they had the option of investing in the new macross show.
  15. I was watching the tranformation vid. whats that extra part in battroid that has to be placed in between the long fin and backpack? is it needed?
  16. arrow

    Have a good 2015

    Does anyone have any toys in transit that was ordered in 2014? I still have a YF-25 stuck somewhere.
  17. I like it when they do the nose to the ground pose. I like seeing the cockpit and pilot which is why I'm not fond of painted canopy windshield
  18. I guess the determinant for the success of this will be the durability of the RVF_171
  19. I'm tempted to pick it up but am hesitant about the QC. The ex is enough for me and am wondering if the price will come down lower later like the Rvf-25
  20. Do the 25G super pack and tornado work well with the F or A color-wise? The G super and tornado are the only versions selling for a reasonable price.
  21. arrow

    3P SD VF-1S

    fighter mode looks like a harrier.
  22. I'd rather they do a new VF but if they want to make a new VF-1, let it be big (1/48) with panels that can open like the expensive mazinger Z DX they made.
  23. is the ozma safe with the armor packs? the S is the only one I don't have as I'm still pissed at the v1 25S I have that developed a crack.
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