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  1. Yes. Yes, I do. Ordered. The VF-27y will have to wait until November.
  2. Man, I had just made the decision to buy the VF-19 Adv., but then Brouken posed Saburo's VF-27y shots. That's a beautiful Valk. But so is the VF-19 Adv. Argh! Must ponder more.
  3. It's time to grow my collection, but I'm agonizing over what to pick up next. I'd love input from the forums to help guide the purchase. My options: Brera's VF-27 + Super Parts. This is the least expensive option. I'd like to finish out my collection of MacF Valks at some point. Isamu's VF-19 Adv. This is middling expensive. It looks sweet, and I saw Macross Plus when it appeared in the U.S. somehow. It will fit in well with my VF-25s (thanks to its super parts), while being a total throwback to Macross Plus. Also, I don't have any VF-19s. A YF-29: Alto's--Nope. Not enough money in the bank account this week. Ozma's--Right at the upper limit of what I can afford. Roy's--Doable. I can get this one plus the super parts for about what I'll pay for Ozma's. Isamu's--Easy. Cheap. I'll have to hunt a bit for super parts. Rod's--The cheapest option. But no super parts. I really like Rod's paint scheme. I love the fact that Valks come with add-on packs. I've gone out of my way to obtain the Yamato Super Parts and Armored Parts for my VF-1S and VF-1J. I have super parts for my RVF-25, Armored Parts for my VF-25F, Tornado Parts for my VF-25G, and Ozma's flying a naked VF-25S. The way they integrate with the figures pleases that part of my brain that likes good design. Sell me on the virtues of the various options. Help me, Macross World Forums, you're my only hope! --G
  4. How many Valks do YOU own? I've got six, plus add on packs, plus some Mospaeda stuff. I don't own many Lego. But I help my kids put theirs together. And this is me apologizing for my America-centric comment. Boys my words sure are tasty.Ouch! With those kinds of prices my kids wouldn't have any Lego. Sorry for the snarkasm. --G
  5. Now you need to get 4 VF-25Fs, so you can show Alto in stock, super, armored, and tornado!Or maybe 12, so you can show each one in all three modes!!!!! 😃. It's a sickness. This might be my own personal insanity. But if I ever win Powerball... --G P.S. I covet Ozma's armor. Alto's looks nice. Ozma's looks awesome!
  6. You bought them for me. They were birthday presents. You said you'd send them to me right away. I didn't want to say anything publicly, but now that you've mentioned it ..., --G
  7. The smoke/explosion effects can be had at Big Bad Toy Store. --G
  8. Me too. It was an excellent teachable moment. I can't wait to get more.
  9. Like I said, "operator error."
  10. I got them a few days ago. They're great! What I am about to say is not a knock on Yeti Stands. I have a couple of pieces of advice for folks who get the conversion kits: A) your Bandai bases are not as big as the full Yeti Stand base. They are not, I believe, as heavy as the Yeti Stand bases either. Do not get aggressive with the center of gravity for your pose; B) make sure you tighten your nuts and bolts. A lot. More than I did. Finger tight is not enough. Use a wrench and a screwdriver. The inner rubber washer can compress. Compress it. I say these things because I did not do these things. This is a case of operator error. I put my Armored VF-25F in a more aggressive pose than I could do with my stock stands. I used an Alan wrench screwdriver head and a hex socket to hand tighten my nuts and bolts. It held position long enough for me to walk across the room and put the tools away. And then I heard the sound of plastic hitting hardwood. My heart jumped up into my throat. I'm not so macho as to say that I considered yelling, crying, and throwing things all at once. Fortunately, there is a couch in front of the mantelpiece where my Valks live. As best I can tell, when gravity overcame friction, the Valk landed on the couch. All the resulting kinetic energy caused every piece of armor to pop off the Valk. Seriously. I found the VF-25F on the floor, almost naked. The armor was scattered around it. Nothing was broken. I went back, put everything back together, and used an actual Alan wrench and a screwdriver to tighten things down properly. My Armored Alto is back in his privileged place. He looks cooler than ever. I cannot wait to get more Yeti parts (including some full stands) and be more aggressive in my posing. I'm really happy that I was able to get my Yeti Stand collection started. --G
  11. I ordered something like that. It didn't work as expected. Maybe you can help me figure out why not? --G
  12. PM sent. Also, just for anyone else who happens by, it's this kind of direct personal interaction with your potential customer base that first drew my attention to Yeti Stand. It is awesome to meet a fan who has the vision to know what will make our Valks display well, the passion to take that idea and make it a reality, and the decency to help people out when they're in a bind. It's nice to run into business men who care about their customer base. I'm looking forward to replacing all my stands with Yeti Stands. --G
  13. That's the stuff. I just managed to get my pictures loaded to Photobucket, but you figured out what I was talking about. I was about to place an order with you for a couple of the Bandai DX starter kits anyway. It's the first of several purchases I have planned for the coming months. Any chance you could drop the piece in with those? --G
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