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  1. Ratchet is banned? Quick - bring out the champagne! It's time to celebrate!

  2. I read your final post, and I'm happy to know that you won't be around anymore. :)

  3. Cry me a river. You lost some toys...who cares?! Look at the bright side - You're still alive and can still enjoy a venti latte @ Starbucks. Would you rather be in Iraq or Afghanistan? Would you rather be in jail? STFU.
  4. Captain America is the most important if you want to mix teams together. Notice that it was Captain America leading the super heroes in titles such Secret Wars, Infinity Gauntlet, etc.
  5. If those two have their own movies, I guess they'll just introduce the Vision, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Ant-Man (solo movie in the works?)and Hawkeye ala Colossus in the X-Men films.
  6. I love the cameo appearance of you know who in the end. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who plays Captain America and the Redskull when you know who forms the Avengers. About time we had a Marvel Team-Up.
  7. Ice Discovered on Mars! http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...=003&sc=395
  8. Red Dawn? Good......we need a good 80s propaganda film to stir up a little patriotism from the masses once in a while. I'm tired of all these Michael Moore/Stephen King anti-America bs movies. Hooooooah!
  9. Instead of buying a hundred 1/48 VF-1s (yawn!), I bought me a car, ps3, and a 1080p tv.
  10. http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Samsung-40-...roductDetail.do
  11. Ratchet


    Same-o, lame-o.
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