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  1. When they finally do announce their next Macross product, where/when will that likely be? Summer Wonfes? Winter? Is there one show they tend to favor? I'd love a new VF-11 or SV-51, but I'd be happier with something more than an armor set for a previous release.
  2. Are the images at HLJ accurate to the final product or are they shots of a prototype or early production model? This is my first Bandai 1/60 DX and I'm hoping it is complete with sword and green pods, but have seen no photos to that effect.
  3. Is the YF-21 really being considered? Is it just because of the YF-19 or Arcadia dropped a hint somewhere? If Arcadia stays true to form where/when might we see an official or unofficial announcement for the SV-51? To me it still sounds like a big maybe given the Japanese market for 'enemy' mecha and MC0 in general. A nice clear yes/no for either would help immensely.
  4. microtree33

    Hi-Metal R

    To confirm: The new 1J is a repaint of the earlier HM-R GBP Valk with shoulder gap fillers ala YamArcadia? I think my GBP came with the stubby wings to begin with, but I might be wrong.
  5. How long does something have to sit before it is considered a shelf warmer? When it hits a 50% off sale? I don't think the VF-0S or VF-4 from Arcadia ever hit order stop that I saw at HLJ. The Nexx set with SAP seems to have sold out so hopefully that one is a bit improved.
  6. microtree33

    Hi-Metal R

    If Bandai does a web exclusive MP VF-1 I wonder if it will be a MP 1J with Super/Strike. That would be pretty boss.
  7. I want the MC:D Regult with arms and missile pods in HM-R. A longshot, but Bandai does love mold milk.
  8. Oh, hell yes. At this point the bundle may not be significantly more expensive than buying gouged 1/60 Strike parts by themselves. Luckily my only 1S is a 1/48 so this works doubly well. Hopefully, this also means Arcadia still has the SDF/DYRL licenses and will eventually reissue the VF-1D, VE-1, VT-1 and M&M. It is curious that they chose Roy again. Anyone know why? Is he uber-popular? More than Hickory?
  9. Given the high quality and relative in-scaledness to 1/60 of Megahouses' VA Orguss, would it be possible to turn it into something close to a VF-Orguss with or without permanent modification? I know the head is different and the backpack, but the rest seems very much the same. I don't know anything about fabricating custom stuff so hopefully someone with insight into the matter can tell me if this is a pipe dream or one day a VF Orguss could grace my collection. Thanks.
  10. So, both the Orguss and the Olson are pitched as "first releases" as they both include special first release bonuses. I suppose that means a second release is soon on its way for both. I can't find a specific release or PO date or anything, but I am tempted to cancel my PO for the Olson if I can get a NIB Orguss for the same price down the road. The Olson is cool and all, but I really dig the Orguss color scheme. Anybody heard confirmation this is the case?
  11. Are the problems with the floppiness and looseness inherent to the design or just QC failures? Trying to talk myself into a Nexx SAP set, but still having trouble justifying it even at $200 at AE.
  12. So the YF-19 reissue is a direct response to Bandai's YF-19 prototype? It does seem odd to reissue the YF-19 with a weathering version on the way. I don't have a 1/60 Bandai yet, so I was really hoping they were going to move forward with their YF-19. If that looks very unlikely now (even with Bandai's love of mold milk) and Arcadia fixes their joints without telling anyone as with the VF-0S it may be worth the extra $100 and tampo loss.
  13. How well are Arcadia's products selling? Is it weird for their products to be available for so long? I get the VF-0A and VF-0D rotting due to their propensity to fall apart, but the VF-0S seems to be sitting a lot longer than the YF-19. Back in the heyday of Yamato would their products just sit for months and months? I would definitely like to see more signs of life from Arcadia, especially since I don't think their non-Macross business adds up to all that much. Some SDF/DYRL reissues would be most welcome, particularly the rarer 2.2 stuff (VF-1D, VE-1, VT-1, Super parts, etc).
  14. What exactly is a VF-0 CF? I google image'd it, but only found a Hasegawa VF-0C.
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