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  1. Shermantank

    My very very small collection

    I just started collecting the 1/55 versions. I'm usually collecting vintage g1transformers
  2. All pictures are my own and still trying to get better with the pics.
  3. That's an amazing price for that VF-25G one day that thing will be in my collection. I really want the renewal version
  4. Finally added the Constructicons to my collection of vintage Transformers. I paid 160 for the entire set but at least it's complete and the figures are in really good shape
  5. So I found my first 1/48 scale for 265 today the Miria version
  6. So I found my first 1/48 scale for 265 today the Miria version
  7. Thanks for the tip I got them to go in properly. Man this thing was super tight
  8. I got my RVF-171EX in today and let me tell you I should of bought a VF-25 of some sort. It took me over 4 hours to transform this thing. The white piece they give you for the radar fin doesn't fit very well. Also I can't seem to get the legs to turn to clip them back in the tab for fighter mode. It almost feels like I'm going to break it so I just left it for now till I learn what is going on
  9. So I just purchased the Luca RVF-171EX last night coming from Japan. I'm a bit nervous on this one I hope I didn't make a bad choice because I paid 180 for it. I looked reviews on the other versions of the 171 and it seems this has issues of parts breaking. I probably should leave it alone in the box but I'm the type of person that wants photos of it. Any idea if they changed the issues on this version? Once I get it in I will post more pics No way Spanner76 I just bought that last night. I love the RVF Valkyrie
  10. So I got my second Frontier figure in very happy with it. Luca's renewal RVF-25 never been opened till now
  11. Thanks guys I'm going to continue collecting Macross just love it but very slowly. So far I have some reissue 1/55 and a couple of 1/60 renewal frontier figures
  12. I'm very knew to the Macross scene I'm usually collecting vintage G1 Transformers. I have a few Macross toys and I absolutely love them but why are prices so high and how do they hold their value so well?
  13. Man I'm very impress with those pics of the VF-25S with the armor
  14. So I recentley got My first frontier figure and I'm so happy with it. Man what a great toy Alto's VF-25F 1/60 Renewal. I did an edited pic of it as well. I've already made my next purchase for the renewal line.
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