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  1. Nice! I have 3… but I feel like I need 7 more smh
  2. is big in japan reliable? i have one on order from them. also from anime export.
  3. Anywhere else to order from? Looks like AE is 1 per customer n big in Japan is sold out
  4. i just paid 45 USd to ship vf-31 via DHL.
  5. Big in Japan also showing out of stock
  6. Anime export only lets you order 1? Says sold out after I placed order for only 1 ?
  7. I’m in for 4-5…. Web exclusive so where would they be able to be ordered?
  8. Same here, no issues till kairos issues… but it’s super grimy that they blocked their site when they were shutting down… you couldn’t even access your orders to see what was outstanding. I had to go into my old emails and go through credit card statements to get my money back..
  9. Maybe… but nin nin had shady practices too… same as NY. I’d say good chance they are affiliated …
  10. They tried to scam everyone…. That had orders with them… if they have a new site they will do the same… no one should give them business… screw that..
  11. Looks like it… they scammed everyone from NY n now trying to use another site… I would never order from them..
  12. I tried to log into nippon yassan but keep getting some kind of ip block. Anyone know what’s going on?
  13. So, contacted NY about 2 TV armor sets I ordered. They said they haven’t received them. I asked for refund and crickets. Contacted PayPal, they said it’s 184 days so past their window. contacted my credit card, they gave me credit for both and said they would file chargeback. SMH I’m tired of NY. Not using them any longer after 100’s of transactions. funny thing is I ordered sets from anime export same day n received both.
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