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  1. when does the combo set go up for pre order?
  2. So, contacted NY about 2 TV armor sets I ordered. They said they haven’t received them. I asked for refund and crickets. Contacted PayPal, they said it’s 184 days so past their window. contacted my credit card, they gave me credit for both and said they would file chargeback. SMH I’m tired of NY. Not using them any longer after 100’s of transactions. funny thing is I ordered sets from anime export same day n received both.
  3. Nippon Yassan saying they didn't receive their TV super parts. Anyone else hear anything else?
  4. I opened ticket for 2 tv super parts I ordered from them. Has anyone received from NY?
  5. Welcome to your second mortgage!
  6. Should they be folded or open?
  7. I got 5 stile total but didn’t put on max....
  8. Ok 1st one came, Nin Nin. FED EX. not the best pics but....
  9. Anyone order from Luna park? Anyone hear anything from them?
  10. received tracking info from NIN NIN. looks like they came through. my kombini is preparing to ship. luna park is only one i havent received notification yet.
  11. just paid my kombini order for roy. hopefully it ships asap. got 2 more, NIN NIN and a luna park. luna park reached out to me to confirm adress. if nin dont ship by 1 week after release, Ill open paypal case.
  12. luna park contacted me to confirm shipping address for Roy. I guess they are coming through. nin nin and my kombini havent notified me.
  13. The Roy release is end of this month correct? If NIn-Nin don’t ship within 2 weeks of that date, I’m contacting PayPal to open claim. Window is closing.
  14. Is the vf-1D uo for preorder yet?
  15. NY shipped my copy via ferry last night and refunded me 2100 y. Ill have to wait 3 months lol
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