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  1. I got these arrived today. Not much for a toy but very convenient making your toy shine in blacklight.
  2. chriswoo

    Macross spy valks

    I too love most of the recon RVF. So far up to date only release for 1/60 scale macross are VE-1, RVF-25, RVF171 and RVF-31
  3. chriswoo

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    it look great overall however i feel the neck part abit skinny and might prone to break..
  4. Ya I saw yours and it awesome painting there Thanks, well better late than never joining the fun. I hope those modification able to bring out those realism a bit from modern design. Anyway I just manage to do 1st prime for checking error and correction detail that missing from the print. With super parts And without super parts. I also added back those 3 triangles beside those vent engine like those original design. Here is the rest of the angle picture. Look like need to correct couple of holes gap between the plastic plate detailing and thinking of doing some upgrade detailing from the thruster engine part.
  5. Hi Guys, Sorry for necro the thread I am 2 years late on the this thread however I wish to share my wip my version of x 9 ghost with Xigfrid base kit. I hope everyone can enjoy the view
  6. I am using 6% only which is safe for decal and painted surface. however more resilient yellowing can use 9% or 12% however do it at ur own risk as it migh destroy the decal or corrode any metal contact it faster
  7. So far tested only alto ver has this sloppy locking swing bar while others seem to be good thought fit
  8. No complaint if they came out this ver. However going to get 1 instead squadron and need to learn Photoshop more for the maximum effect. Don't think can bought entire squadron for this
  9. chriswoo

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    look great on the final product except i don't like the color theme. look like rock and roll 80's vibe haha however going to press PO button if they ever announce.
  10. Only VF-171 Alto ver has those problem can't do much for it except thigten it up. The rest of the ver has been addressed.
  11. I got it from Xigfrid's Customs. He has the best 3D printed kits so far for macross.
  12. New valk collect just arrive today. Meanwhile working wip for my X9 ghost from Macross Plus with more realistic detail.
  13. haha just use the existing one then painted it maroon color 😜
  14. HLJ got couple stock now. Please grab it while you can before it run out again. https://www.hlj.com/1-60-scale-complete-transformation-sv-51-gamma-nora-polyansky-boarding-machine-final-battle-specification-aca82158
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