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Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue


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45 minutes ago, UN Spacy said:

SCOOPDA...MSRP for the premium version SDF-1 will be 49,800 yen. 



bump to the next page. whaa!?! that price

proxy service has to pay tax so it's even more. only chance is if an import store officially carries it without ordering it through the arcadia web order.

HLJ is our only hope as they did for Hikaru Premium but they included the tax and more for Roy Premium.

nippon yasan i believe will have to pay the tax to web order and then charge a bit more for profit before selling to us. 

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Sheesh. With shipping and otaku tax, it'll be closer to $550 to $600. Who am I kidding. I'm preordering as soon as it goes up. Though honestly, I'd pay more if Bandai ever releases the version it teased a while back. I'd rather have that DX version, and the usual Bandai quality.

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21 minutes ago, Aye Aye said:

Hmmm decision decisions. How much shelf space does this beast take up? Anyone with a yammie that has the tale of the tape?

In cruiser mode, 17" long and 7-1/4" wide..

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1 minute ago, 505thAirborne said:

I know they just announced the price for the PF SDF-1, is there any idea when in 2018 it will be released? 

Arcadia's site still lists April 2018 as the release date.

And boy, it's expensive, but I think I'll shoot for the moon on this one. B))

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49800 / 8 = 6225 JPY (w/out tax)

Around the cost of eight Figmas or SH Figuarts...Must focus...:ph34r:

2 minutes ago, Mommar said:

Well... maybe?  That's the release date, when is the pre-order up and do we have to pay upfront?

Arcadia notes that orders are opening at 4pm August 22, Japan time. Orders are closing September 7.

If the usual stores elect to carry this as well, we should see those pre-orders pop up soon.

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As expected, price is high. For a premium one, it's still cheaper than what we can find at ebay and YJA. Since I don't have the Yamato version from before, I'm not gonna complain. Imagine, if some of you guys including me bought one from aftermarket ($800-1000) two years ago, we're probably banging our heads right now. :lol:


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