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  1. My new toy.. 1/6 scale replica Dragon's Lair. One of my favorite arcade games from the 80's. I still remember the first time I saw and played it when I was a little kid. No one had ever seen anything like it.....
  2. Haha looks like my attic space..
  3. What a great looking little Soundwave, Magic Square did a awesome job on it!
  4. Wow! After messing with this guy, it really shows how dated my old 1/48's are.
  5. VF-171 CF for sure! All 3 of mine have cracks all over the place..
  6. Scored my first Max DX off Mandarake for 19,800yen new and unopened. Just received it today.
  7. My wife surprised me with this Darth Vader lightsaber she picked up for me when we were at Disney World. I didn't care for the cheap plastic stand it came with, so I made this custom stand today..
  8. Finally after 2 years of sitting under my desk...
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