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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. HAHAHA. Well done!
  2. That’s an awesome display @sqidd! “We are the the Roys.”
  3. Congrats @Duymon! That has to be one of the best birthday presents ever! @Angesdad that Threezero Guts figure looks amazing, the lighting in your display give and even more menacing appearance.
  4. Thank you @505thAirborne, this was an awesome purchase I am glad to have these in my collection.
  5. Thank you @MKT, I appreciate your kind words and that you can see what goes into a shot other than just putting a figure on a table and taking a shot. I know what you mean about the transparent pieces of the Sci-Fi 6, they do tend to give a lot back lighting which can cause the subject to not be illuminated well. You have a good eye for composition and from what you wrote looks its great that you are working with light sources to offset the backlighting and lighting the figure. Drop me a PM if you have any questions and I can offer some suggestions.
  6. Excellent shots @MKT and the FEXT Sci-Fi 06 is a great background it make the VF-1J GBP stand out.
  7. Prep for maintenance. The VT-1 and VF-1D that I had purchased from @no3Ljm were in excellent shape and well taken care of. I am still going to do some maintenance on them, these were are well known for the knurled pin cracked shoulder hinge. I'll working on fixing sanding down the knurled end of the pin to smooth it out and fixing the crack plastic hinge. I'll post pics when everything is complete.
  8. Sorry to the delay in posting, its been a busy weekend. Here is what was in the box. Big thanks to @no3Ljm!
  9. @borgified that would be a good guess, but I have an Arcadia PF SDF-1. @Lolicon, been keeping an eye out for these for a while now, the opportunity was given to me by @no3Ljm. I am very grateful and elated to add these to my collection. I still haven't taken a pic of them out of the box, I'll do that shortly.
  10. @BroTaku79 & @leeboo1211 Sorry, its not a Monster or Konig Monster.
  11. A big thank you @no3Ljm!! Just delivered yesterday, new but old additions to my collection. Anyone want to take a guess at what arrived? . @no3Ljm you are not allowed to guess.
  12. That is amazing work on the details for such a tiny figure.
  13. Thanks for the info, I called DHL told me they had a back up on processing at Cincinnati hub. Package arrived today.
  14. I wanted to ask if anyone who ordered the 2nd release of Super Parts from Big in Japan have you received your sets via DHL?
  15. Thank you @orbitalharvest. @Kanedas Bike The South Beach look , also that the European look too. @Chronocidal, that sucks having the piece missing from the factory. Hope you are able to find a replacement.
  16. They are ready for summer, Mecha Speedos.
  17. The rest of the SMS have gotten their maintenance checks, checked for stress marks, tightened up joints and cleaned up. Ready to be suited up.
  18. haha, might interesting to do that just to see how it is holding up.
  19. Haha, My apologies to your wallet @Anasazi37. Also going to ask you a about a decal/waterslide idea. I’ll send you a pm.
  20. @borgified your request is noted and I will make it happen.
  21. *Foreboding music plays* My wallet is cringing...
  22. Finally, been waiting for the Nora version. My Macross Zero Valks collection will be complete. Praying that there are no issues with it.
  23. Yes, there is a screw that holds the Intake assembly (hips), once that taken out it splits in half then you have access to the cups. There is some rubber/plastic inserts in the cups to provide friction, but in time they wear out. Future would work well for the ball joint, I did the paper method for a semi-permanent solution.
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