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  1. I received my VF-1D yesterday from Luna Park. They did ship it from Tokyo and it was packed semi okay. It was in a box with the Tamashi Nations brown box as well. The box that it was shipped in was kinda thin like a package envelope. It had folded card board inside to fill the empty spaces. And a couple fragile stickers on the outside.
  2. Bivouac010

    Hi-Metal R

    Got my confirmation e-mail from amiami! Have a good night folks.
  3. YES!! Thank you!
  4. I do but I think I got a cold. heh
  5. Well may pull the trigger on Nin-Nin, whenever it goes up.
  6. Here is Ami Ami's link, if its worth anything. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-047859
  7. Got my e-mail confirmation from HLJ, this pre-order was hell! Goodnight everyone!
  8. I went with Amazon.jp, usually order stuff from them and DHL never delivered my boxes looking like an accordion.
  9. Bivouac010

    Hi-Metal R

    Got one at Amazon, good price with DHL shipping!
  10. Bivouac010

    Hi-Metal R

    So my order timed out on HLJ right when I comfimed my order so I thought it was long gone since the page wouldnt reload. So I went to CDJ and got one. Went to see if my e-mail confirmation came in and it did so did HLJ......debading if I should cancel it.
  11. Bivouac010

    Hi-Metal R

    Ami Ami is blowing it!!!
  12. Scored one at Amiami! Got my confirmation e-mail. Good night!
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